If you are like me, then when you were growing up (at the turn of the century), one of your favorite things to do was stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live. It really was the only show that seemed to have some kind of magical parental leniency clause about bedtimes. “Whoops who dropped this 10 dollar Monopoly bill on the ground? Just look the other way, mom.” The Saturday Night Live sleep-over party is a coming-of-age experience, like a secular Bar Mitzvah.

And if you are like me, then over the years you have wondered whatever happened to Victoria Jackson. She really hasn’t done anything of serious significance since she left the show in 1992 besides making the occasional single-episode cameo on TV shows like Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and Duckman. If you were to google her, you might have found her personal website (paid for by Jukt Micronics), but who googles Victoria Jackson? No, for the past 16 years, you have simply wondered about her, quietly in the darkness, humming “Somewhere Out There.”

Until now. Girl appeared on FOX News and SPOILER ALERT she’s FUCKING CRAZY.

WOOF. Just to clarify: there’s nothing wrong with Victoria Jackson having conservative politics. Plenty of smart not-insane people do. The problem is with her having candy spoon whisper politics. She is so nuts! (Via HuffingtonPost.)


Cool. Bartender, a round of Tabs on me.

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  1. matt  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +2

    do you nmean turn of last century?? cuz aren’t you like a hundred years old or something?

  2. Ellen Cleghorn, you are on the clock.

  3. Except we already knew she was crazy from Celebrity Fit Club

  4. RobinRubbermaid  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +1

    She’s the neocon Shelley Winters.

  5. You just opened up a can of worms for me, Videogum. I’m going to be spending the rest of my day Googling what Tim Kazurinsky is up to.

    PS – Victoria Jackson used to give me pointy pants.

  6. booacaust  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +3

    Man, you should have put the whole clip up, cuz is craaaaazzy. Even the Fox dude on her left seemed uncomfortable. Although I’ve never thought she was funny, I was thinking, maybe it’s just an act, making fun of Fox News zealots with some extremely subtle satire. WHOOPS. She’s insane.
    According to her, Obama = Castro, or “the guy in China.”

  7. steve  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 -3

    I think she’s joking….

  8. Hogan  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 0

    HAHA! Rush, Sarah Palin and Hannity! oh, and the bible. What a ditz. And I thought the voice and act was just a “blonde” put-on.

  9. Conservative comedians are kind of like….those Mexican lollipops made of chili powder. It’s like “Yay, it’s a lollipop, I’m going to enjoy this!” but then….it tastes weird. And you try to say to yourself “It’s still alright” but you know that it’s not true. And then the next time you eat a lollipop you get a nervous feeling in your stomach.

    How far down to you have to be on the comedy spectrum that you are the precursor to Larry The Cable Guy.

    This saddened me. She did some great work forever ago.

  10. Mark  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +3

    Dude, Jukt Micronics. Nice reference.

    • Eric  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +2

      I was gonna say the same thing– Gabe’s done that a couple of times. I wonder how many people get it, because it’s a pretty random (but spot on) reference.

  11. Oh wow, all the FOX talking heads are like, “WEIRDED OUUUUUT!”

  12.  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 -1

    I would totally do her.

  13. Sebastian Paper  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +3

    Florida makes people crazy!!!

  14. LOVE that the next segment apparently involves Larry the Cable Guy. That is a quality block of programming, friends.

  15. Neuron Rush  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 -3

    There is no way on earth this is serious. She absolutely has to be aching for some kind of career revival, and agreeing to be on Fox News–doing some kind of burlesqued Republican act–has to be part of her plan. No way. I cannot believe she used to be in the SNL environment (though Dennis Miller is actually a right-wing asshole) and be waving a bible in the air like this. I have to believe that she is up to something, because if people like this in the US actually exist and get airtime, the country is effed.

    …and I’m not even American.

  16. Jukt Micronics FTW.

  17. Here’s how bright ol’ VJ is. She agreed to be in a movie directed by some guy around these parts without even realizing he was still a student. And that this was his senior project. She didn’t back out, though, you know, because she’s Victoria Jackson. What a smart person she is. At least she protests politely.

  18. sara  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +2

    so, you may have missed only her best role: Penelope, Garfield’s girlfriend on Garfield and Friends. Now I have that theme in my head…

  19. Illinoise  |   Posted on Mar 12th, 2009 +1

    Dude, I’M from Rockford, Illinois! No one is from there but Cheap Trick, the not-famous one from Destiny’s Child and fictional characters.

  20. kevin  |   Posted on Mar 13th, 2009 +2

    If anyone actually watched her season of celebrity fit club, they would know that this is all her dads fault.

  21. geniusoflove  |   Posted on Mar 13th, 2009 +4

    If you read this post right after the Elmo post, and then start reading the comments after hitting “play” on the video so that you’re only hearing the audio, it sort of sounds like Elmo is telling you that our president is a communist.

  22. brrrrrrian  |   Posted on Mar 13th, 2009 +1

    If I remember correctly (I probably don’t, sorry), she was the one that arranged for Nirvana to be on SNL because she was FRIENDS WITH KURT COBAIN. Yikes.

  23. did she just turn two conservatives liberal?

  24. And now we have Larry The Cable Guy.
    David Cross needs to just repeat that entire interview on stage.

  25. For those of you who think this “must be a joke,” sadly, no. Victoria Jackson is a batshit insane conservative. And she’s fat.

  26. If Rush Limbaugh ever becomes president I will move. You can hold me to that I will give up my US citizenship. But it’s not like that would matter, because I would probably be kicked out of the country for being a minority anyway.

  27. Mary  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2009 0

    HAHAH, I’m so glad you made a Shattered Glass reference.

  28. Bob Beckel’s moment at :50 made me Lots of Love for 13 consecutive rewinds.

  29. I love how Fox News has this crazed woman, followed by Larry the Cable Guy, on a program called “Great American Panel.” When did Fox News turn into a comedy-oriented station?

  30. Francesca  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2009 0

    She’s gotten so much blobbier since the eighties. And blobby face has the nerve to say that fatherlessness causes Cheetos induced fatness?!

  31. Winston Smith  |   Posted on Aug 27th, 2009 0

    You can’t tell me she’s not a leftie trying to make conservatives look absurd and stupid! She’s a walking Landover Baptist parody. Honestly.

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