• Chris Gethard’s newly adoptive network, IFC, have put up a bilboard with his body on it in Times Square. In this video, Chris stands near his billboard and waits to be recognized. It is a very good video. -IFC
  • Saturday Night Live comes back this weekend with host Seth MacFarlane and musical guest Frank Ocean. I am not looking forward to it, to be honest! It probably won’t be very good! Here are the promos, though. -NBC
  • OMG do u think Ken Marino rly punched nick krol in the face on teh set of The League n then got arested or wat do u think? -AVClub
  • It looks like there is possibly going to be an X-Files 3 movie (but that is also possibly old news?) and Gillian Anderson is optimistic, but David Duchovny is NOT optimistic. So. Who knows! The truth isn’t out there right now! -Examiner
  • Entertainment Weekly has officially confirmed that Jason Sudeikis will be returning for the next season of SNL, but for now is only under contract to stay until January. Ok! -EntertainmentWeekly
  • Lindsay Lohan just cannot. -TheSuperficial
  • Want to watch the “non-Inspector Spacetime” Inspector Spacetime series online? If you do, I have good news! If you don’t, this news won’t affect you either way! -SlashFilm
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  1. Chris Gethard is a sentence name! But not a very good one, since it only works if you splice in a comma and split the last name into two words.

  2. your treatment of linday lohan is perfect. No more details, no more explanations or rumors or terrible. that should just be how it is from now on: “Linday Lohan, folks….”

  3. As far as I’m concerned, there is no SNL episode this week. Episode 2 will be the Season Premiere for me (unless I find out it’s being hosted by Jeff Dunham).

    • I upvoted this for what I believe is the uninterest in watching Seth MacFarlane host, but for realz, Frank Ocean and John Mayer are the guests! I still probably won’t watch it, but maybe the performances!?

  4. They can make a million more X Files movies and I will definitely pay to see every single one.

  5. So I think there was a Rene Hell billboard underneath the Gethard one. The underground scenes are coming up!

  6. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chris Gethard is actually the best?

  7. Oh jeez, I’m getting so excited for the Friendly Chat!

  8. I walk by that billboard every day for work. I am now worried I didn’t see Chris. Sorry, Chris!

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