Parenthood is back! How wonderful. Cool weather outside and Parenthood on the TV, it hardly gets any better than this. And there’s all sorts of new STUFF happening. Victor exists, for one, and he is very beautiful but unfortunately not doing so great. He did not care to eat the brunch (do moms call Sunday breakfast “brunch” for real?) (they SHOULDN’T) (last weekend I was out for brunch and heard a child screaming at his mom about how he “NEEDED BRUNCH” and even though I related, it was one of the more upsetting things I’ve ever heard) Julia made and instead was allowed to eat squeeze cheese and watch someone get tortured on TV and then stole a lizard from Max, whom he should have at least been briefed on. Haddie’s gone and was basically a stone cold teenage bitch until the very end when she made everyone cry. Have fun in school, Haddie! BE SAFE. Wear your coat and zip it up. Your hair looks good. Remember to Skype ok kiss kiss bye. For some reason, Mark desperately wanted to be in the family photo. Uhhhh, get over it, Mark. It’s just a photo that no fiancé has ever been in. Don’t break the rules and SEAL YOUR EVENTUAL BREAK UP WITH SARAH AT THE HANDS OF RAY ROMANO! But whatever, he was allowed in because he’s a big baby and now he is cursed. But getting back to Ray Romano: “DEBORAH! DEBORAH, GET ME THE BOUNCE!” Haha. Ray Romano is a photographer and now Sarah works for him because she is a people person and can remember the names of people in very large families. Good luck, Sarah! Don’t fall in love with him, I know it will be tough! “MAH!” Jabbar is praying now for an X-Box, which is just the biggest bullshit. Why doesn’t he have an X-Box already? Get that boy an X-Box, they’re probably like $30 on eBay! And, finally, Adam was mad at a totally weird looking AND sounding guy from American Idol for sleeping with Amber and having a girlfriend who brought him muffins. It was a great episode! It was very said when Julia said she doesn’t love her adopted son yet! But totally understandable, says all of the advice columns I’ve ever read. It was sad when Haddie left! There were lots of sad parts! And there were also lots of not-sad but good parts! Everyone is growing up! Love this show! WHAT DID YOU THINK?!

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  1. Dear Amber, if you want to be treated like a grown-up, maybe don’t sleep with your clients and then cry to your uncle about it. Also, is there anything worse in the world than a teenage girl?

    • She is totally Sarah 2.0. She won’t make a good decision until she is 40-years-old, but then she’ll screw it up again by choosing Ray Romano over Mark.

  2. Gaaa! It’s killing me that I can’t read this yet! I have it on the dvr. Can’t wait.

  3. I’d like Parenthood a lot more if NBC didn’t insist on broadcasting dust, allergens, and chopped onions into my living room as the show airs.

  4. PARENTHOOD!!!!! I think I enjoyed the Crosby/Jasmine/Jabbar storyline the most. That seemed like a real thing that happens in families and I liked the way C & J approached the grandma about shutting her trap re: praying.

    Ugh, Haddie and Kristina’s whole thing. They’re both awful! Listen, I love ‘em. They’re family. But they were awful last night. Both of you to your rooms! Also, Max. Yikes. That kid!

    • I totally turned to my husband during the Crosby/Jasmine/Jabbar storyline and said that this is something we’re going to totally have to deal with when we have kids (except we won’t be as pretty).

      I love how real that was, because 30% of Americans are non-religious (and that number is even higher for people under 35). I also loved how it showed Crosby and Jasmine actually really caring about Jabbar having a system of beliefs and ethics. I think a lot of people think that religion is the only way someone learn to be a good human, and they showed that this is possible without religion. (I typically kind of dislike Grandma Braverman, but I loved when she said that she chose to live on this earth and do the best she can.)

  5. I’m not in a rock band or anything, so can I ask if rock girlfriends really deliver muffins? Because that’s just sort of disappointing. And when is the plot arc going to start in which Crosby murders the person who did that to his hair?

  6. I’m really over Max. I know in a family you are not allowed to be “over” one of your kids, no matter how Aspergers he is, but I am over this kid and his behavior, no matter how much not-his-fault it is. I wish they would put him in a special school somewhere far away and let’s get back to the fun stuff. I mean, I don’t wish REAL people would do that to their REAL kids with REAL problems. That would be awful. But I’m not watching TV to deal with imaginary people’s imaginary kid’s imaginary problems. (I’m not a monster, right? I’m allowed to be annoyed with pretend kids?)

    • Max IS unbearable. Also unbearable: everyone else on this show except for Ann (her?) and Lorelai, and also Dax Shepherd because of his awesomely weird face.

  7. Oh! I never realized Peter Krause was in this show. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I only watched Six Feet Under for the very first time this year, and he was great on it.

    I think I was confusing Parenthood for Raising Hope, partially because Garret Dillahunt and Peter Krause share a slight resemblance. Also, I think I was confusing Parenthood with Thirtysomething, which Videogum recapped in the past.

    Well, that’s been comment.

  8. I stop watching major network TV once summer hits, so I always miss the promos reminding me when the new fall season even starts. I just remembered how last season ended with Julia’s family getting their new son and how much that made me cry already SO time to go buy all the tissues forever.

  9. Can any of you monsters help me out by telling me what Haddie is short for? Or is it her full name? Last night’s episode was really good (I especially enjoyed Ray Romano, whose character also appears to have some form of Asperger’s), but after seeing that picture above, I really want to know what Haddie’s full name is.

  10. *That’s* where I know that guy from! American Idol! But seriously, after the summer I just survived, it’s hard for me to watch shows about kids leaving home.

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