Here in New York the weather has begun cooling down, whispering beautiful promises of fall to all of our bare legs, which are that way because we didn’t check the temperature before we left the house and mistakenly wore shorts and are freezing cold when otherwise, if we’d worn pants, we would’ve been perfect. Even with that mistake, though, the weather has been THE BEST! The only problem with it is that it makes me want to have a dog even more badly than I already did. Or, more honestly, it makes me want to have a roommate or friend who lives nearby with a dog that I could walk only when I really felt like it, which, to be honest again, would be rarely. But still! THIS WEATHER, YOU GUYS! Dog walking weather. Animal video watching weather. Let’s watch these great vids and then go outside and pretend walk the dogs we don’t have!

10. Manatee Loves Showering

9. Another Grumpy Bulldog Puppy


8. Gymnast Baby Orangutan Attacks Human

7. Dog ‘n Boots

6. Kitten Chorus Line

5. Kitten Attacks Reflection With Butt

4. Cat Just Needs To Think About Stuff


2. Monkey Should Be Careful With Pepsi Can

1. Screaming Sheep

SCREAMING SHEEP YOU ARE THE BEST! I saw that video last night and sent it to people on gchat who I wasn’t even talking to and who I didn’t even WANT to talk to. That’s how good it is. Great job, sheep. Congrats. That monkey video is great but it is also very sad and makes me very nervous for the poor monkey’s hand. I hope he’s careful and someone took it away from him immediately after filming the video and then gave him something good to eat. I cannot even talk about that owl video right now it is so adorable and makes me want an owl so bad, so, MOVING ON, the two cats in #4 and #5 really just get it. So. Good for them. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US!

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  1. God bless you, little white kitten who is a little slower than the others and then who just gives up and lays down. Never change.


    • When does he/she wear them? The mountains? Ruff terrain? Sorry. Also we got a life jacket for our dog for on a boat and when he wears it it is the CUTEST thing ever. He looks proud and embarrassed at the same time.

  3. Did anyone else get sleepy watching that owl get his massage?

  4. Screaming sheep has been all the rage in my office.

    best new office prank: put the video on loop on someone’s computer on really low volume and hide the window so they don’t know where it’s coming from.

  5. Where is the heavy metal remix of that sheep? Internet, you disappoint me.

  6. Anybody else feel kinda bad about what we’ve done to bulldogs? That we’ve bred them to sound like constipated car motors?

  7. Owls aren’t the best! They’ve got you fooled!

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