Chris Brown’s new NECK TATTOO (right) was revealed today, and, uh, it is an image of a battered woman. OH BOY, THERE IS REALLY ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN HANDLE IN THIS LIFE. Like, it goes 100% without saying that Chris Brown is a fucking piece of shit garbage monster. The fact that he still has a highly lucrative and successful career is shameful. Yes, there should be (and totally is) a separation between the artist’s work and the artist’s personal life, but we are talking about a largely pre-fabricated pop construct anyway that has very little to do with how well Chris Brown sings and/or dances and is highly dependent on the music industry’s hit & publicity machine, so his career is in many respects represents the corporate sponsorship of his unacceptable, violent, misogynistic behavior. It’s gross! But this is just BEYOND. This is the dude straight letting the world know that he is one of the absolute worst people on Earth. Forever! Permanently! It was already weird when he was photographed wearing that $300,000 bejeweled “Whoops!” chain, but this? THIS?! Holy moly. For the most part I do believe that there are lots of nice things in this world, and that human beings have an extraordinary capacity for kindness and generosity and overall good. But then sometimes you are reminded that they also really don’t. Unbelievable. Anyway, TheBestRooftalkEver has taken to photoshopping other people’s “mistakes” as neck tattoos. Now you do that.

Winner will receive special placement in Monsters’ Ball. Cool ink, bro!

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  1. how am i supposed to photoshop a neck tattoo of chris brown’s neck tattoo on chris brown’s neck?

  2. It is startling that there is a way to make a neck tattoo worse than just having a neck tattoo.

  3. So this is like The Scarlet Letter as interpreted by someone who never really got The Scarlet Letter. (As a side note, that book is the worst.)

    • I wrote a scathing review of that book in high school. Luckily the teacher (a Jesuit) loved it. He must have secretly agreed with me.

  4. You can’t see it from that angle but there is a Blake Lively tattoo on the other side of Ryan Gosling’s neck.

  5. Chris Brown I hate you hate is forever non-fan hate you

  6. I never thought i would be pro drake.

  7. We’re going to need a bigger facepalm.

  8. I think this would be the appropriate Ryan Gosling neck tattoo:

  9. Well this explains why we haven’t seen Wilmer Valderrama in years: he’s been too busy diligently getting neck tattoos.

  10. I think I know what a certain commenter wants tattooed on his neck

  11. America has George W. Bush tattooed on its neck. #neverforget

  12. What tattoo artist was like, “A battered woman’s face, you say? Yeah, okay. Sounds doable. Do you have a picture I can work with?” *shows a picture of Rhianna from his cell phone* “Wow, man. That’s horrible. What’s a-matter with you?” *pause* “Fuck it, let’s get to work!”

    I want to say, “NO ARTIST!” but I can’t. Who was this guy? He’s not on the same par of horribleness as Chris Brown, but jeez, you can say “No” to things. LEARN A WORD!

    • I’d like to think it’s because Tattoo Artists have a really restrictive code of honour, something like “You do the job that you are given and no complaints”.

      I don’t what this says about me.

  13. As long as Chris Brown’s head region is acting as real estate for tattoos demonstrating his true character:

  14. I think the tattoo is actually meant to be a sugar skull but is just soooo poorly done. it’s like dude, you’re a millionaire, either get a sugar skull that looks like one or get a shitty one not on your neck!

    • what’s sugar skull?

      • it’s a Day of The Dead thing. they’e like little decorated skulls that people can eat because they’re actually candy. but also there is a culture of getting them as tattoos and they’re all rockabilly’d out. like pretty dead rockabilly girls and such.

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  16. Please make believe I posted a picture of Mark Wahlberg with a tattoo on his neck of 9/11 going down like it did. (sorry, I don’t have Photoshop on this computer)…

  17. [IMG][/IMG]

  18. ♫ Hey I once beat you, and call me crazy, but with your face on my neck, we’re cool now baby? ♫

    Chris Brown is the wurst.

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