The American actress and writer, Mindy Kaling, has a new television show premiering on the FOX television network on Tuesday, September 25th called The Mindy Project that she wrote and in which she stars. Due to this and her inherent Internet-ability that seems to have something to do with her working knowledge of Twitter and, I don’t know, eBay?, there are currently posts going up about Mindy Kaling on pretty much every blog. This blog also being a blog is no different, and therefore we present you now with our Obligatory Mindy Kaling Blog Post. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything to say about it. You can watch the first episode here if you want. Or don’t. Make up your own mind. It seriously makes no difference to us either way. We are simply putting this up under Article 8, Section 42 of the Internetional Blog Code. She is a person who has publicly worked in television for years who continues to work in television, this time on a new show. The end. For further Mindy Kaling reading, please see: New York Magazine, Perez Hilton, The Frisky, This Recording, Jezebel, HitFix, The Awl, The Huffington Post , Fast Company, Collider, Crushable, and PopWatch.

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  1. Hey Mindy Kaling, in case you read this, I just want you to know that you’re really great and I like all of your stuff. Also there’s a joke in the pilot (which I won’t spoil here for people who haven’t seen it) that still makes me laugh when I think about it. So thanks for being awesome.

  2. Was she Matt or Ben?

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  4. I saw the pilot. I liked it. Mainly because Mindy Kaling and I share the same taste in romcoms. (You’ve Got Mail is so underrated!)

  5. I wish I could watch this with just the scenes with Chris Messina. Similar to how I want to watch The New Normal with the scenes with just Justin Bartha. Actually, maybe those two could just do a show.

  6. I’ve been raving to myself about the pilot all week. It’s very funny.

  7. Can we also talk about her book? Remember books? She has one and it’s pretty great

  8. She was great in the pilot but I wish her character’s shortcomings weren’t so exaggerated. Based on the the date scene, it’s pretty obvious why she isn’t in a relationship.

  9. you have neglected Article 8 Section 42 subsection C in which you are supposed to make a direct reference and/or comparison to Lena Dunham. Please correct by EOB FRIDAY.

  10. Does anyone have Mindy Kaling’s phone number? I just need to ask her something real quick.

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  12. I love Mindy. She is fabulous and fantastic and her show is hilarious. Kinda bummed a post about her was presented in this way. BUT WHATEVER.

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