Sometimes the idea you pitch to your boss at the news station is just the perfect idea, and everyone is so proud of you, because they were a little iffy on it when you described it to them but now, seeing it come to fruition like this, they can totally see where you were coming from and how they were just being a little close-minded, but now they see that they were so wrong and you were so right and you are very in tune with what The People What and you seem to enjoy your job as a weatherman and refuse to just rest on your laurels, which is admirable and enviable, really, and we’re all just so proud of you. You really did it. Some people just talk about doing it, but you really did it. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. I can see why he wanted to do something outside of the box like this; it must get boring being a weatherman when every day’s forecast is always 100% chance of potatoes.

  2. “Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the major market affiliates to start making offers.” – Idaho weather guy

  3. Do you think people in Idaho think this is what rap music is?

  4. Well, he’s better than that raping weatherman I heard about

    • I was thinking about making a joke about Bill Murray being a weatherman in Groundhog’s Day, and the “nobody will ever believe you” thing, but…too soon.

  5. Okay. I know I should groan and wince and all, but I actually thought that – as ads for local TV affiliate weathermen go – this was remarkably competent. Not quite sure why the shoutout to Dairy Queen or the whole Martian thing, but, you know “been number one so long I don’t know how to write the number two” isn’t all that bad for a weatherman.

  6. As an Idahoan, I can assure you all, our weathermen are the best.
    By way of example, here’s a picture of a toddler dressed like the famous Boise weatherman, Larry Gebert:

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