Here are a couple of photos of Jonah Hill on the set of Martin Scorcese’s newest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. Looking good, buddy! The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Mr. Wolf (haha, I am not sure if this is true, but I will not be surprised if this is true) and here is a photo of him on the set of the same movie. So, even stevens! Just two good friends made to look almost identical in a movie. It’s actually kind of hard to tell them apart! I bet some mornings Jonah Hill would walk into the makeup trailer and the makeup artist would start working and just making small talk and then about 20 minutes in she would be like “OMG, I am so sorry, I have been putting Leo’s makeup on you for the past 20 minutes. Whoops! Well, I have to wash this all off and put on your makeup because your skin tone is just one grade different but almost identical, but Marty, I call him Marty, is such a pro that he will totally notice if I just let this slide. But obviously you can understand my confusion because you guys look exactly the same starting with the face and head and hair and glasses and teeth and continuing into the matching, handsome outfits. Oh well, I better get to work on fixing this even though if you ask me you do not even need any makeup because you look perfect. And can I just say that I’m so excited to see this movie, even though I am working on it? I am a Hollywood makeup artist, yes, but I am also just a fan, Mr. DiCaprio. Ahhh! I MEAN MR. HILL! Hahahah where is my head at today! Mama needs some coffee! Hahahahaha.” I’m paraphrasing a little but something like that.

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  1. when ladies see jonah hill theyre like

  2. Is his character named Mr. Plaid? They should call the sequel The Plaid of Wall Street.

  3. Jonah Hillarious!

  4. I kind of love that Jonah Hill is doing serious movies now, please everyone from the Apatow crew do serious movies now, especially you Jay Baruchel

  5. Why has no one ever taught Jonah Hill how to wear a sweater?

  6. Real talk: 21 Jump Street is highly entertaining and kind of great.

    • I 2nd that! But seriously, the teenagers at the high school, I cracked up so much that no one wears both backpack straps, and that they don’t think gas-guzzling cars are cool. Man, great spin on doing a “remake” wink wink wink!

  7. that is the lightest denim

  8. Is it bad that I immediately looked at his crotch upon clicking this? That Jon Hamm thing really ruined the way I look at pictures. What’s more, apart from his crotch area being visible in the picture is really the only link between those two situations. And it just gets muddled from there. I think I need therapy.

  9. can’t make out jonah on the left, garry shandling is standing in the way with a gaudy shirt/tie combo

    • I wanted to not like that on account of my Shandling fetish, but that is the best tooth impersonation that I have ever seen. Even better than the Jerry Lewis chinaman teeth. Good eye, bbj, good eye.

  10. My favorite response to this was from someone at the AV Club who simply called it “Jonah Hill in Far Side: The Movie.” That’s a fucking quality and spot on comment.

  11. Late comment, sorry, but this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen Gabe write. Just wanted to express my admiration…I laughed a lot…

  12. I….really don’t get this post. The point is…Jonah Hill and/or his character in this movie dress like a dork? That’s it? Please tell me what I’m missing. I’ve read it twice. Is this a fashion blog? I’m legitimately confused.

  13. I don’t get it…Jonah Hill looks stupid; is that all?

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