• Here is a motion graphics version of the Breaking Bad intro, by Martin Woutisseth. It’s the first Monday of no new Breaking Bad to talk about. How is everyone doing? Still alive? Let me know if ur dead! -Mashable
  • Here is a Pogo dubstep remix of Scooby Doo, whatever all of that even MEANS. (JK.) (Probably all of us know what it means?) (It’s very unfortunately that probably all of us know what it means.) -TheDailyWhat
  • Hey, here’s something! I wrote about seeing Divine Fits last night in Brooklyn, NY for Stereogum. If that sounds like something you want to read, you totally should! It’s exactly what it sounds like! -Stereogum
  • Attn. Nerds: It looks like Dr. Strange might appear in Thor: The Dark Worldand guess who might play him! Want to guess or do you just want me to tell you? Ok I’ll just tell you it’s Viggo Mortensen. -SlashFilm
  • Harvey Weinstein, whose production company is distributing Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, has had to hire additional security guards to protect him from upset Scientologists. Which is weird because I thought they were so normal? -FilmDrunk
  • BAD NEWS! All of your regular searches for Emma Watson are going to have to be put on hold and EVERYONE is going to have to go to jail. Sorry guys! It’s just to be safe! -HyperVocal
  • Last weekend’s movie sales were the worst in, like, forever, Why is that, do you think? Weather too nice? Movies too expensive? Movies not good enough? Too many people at the beach? Everyone too tired? Whyyy? -TheWeek
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  1. I honestly don’t think I can handle Chris Hemsworth’s arms and Viggo Mortensen’s chin together in one movie. I’ll have to bring smelling salts to the theatre.

  2. Paul Rudd & Ray Lewis hung out, just like they do in real life.

  3. Superbowl predictions?
    Mine are Texans over Falcons
    Falcons over Bears
    Texans over Broncos

  4. Kelly, a friend of mine saw Aaron Paul DJ at a Toronto International Film Festival party and then got to high-five him.

  5. It’s now $14 to go to a movie in Manhattan, up from $13.50 last month. When I moved to NYC in 98 it was $8.50. Why not just buy the DVD for like 6 more bucks and if you’re two people it’s almost $30 so you’re saving money by actually buying a damn DVD.

    • I was just about to post this same thing, lamenting our awful NYC movie-going situation, although my ticket still costs $13.50 SUCKER!

      This quote made me realize that there are still places in the US that don’t pay $13.50 for a movie ticket (and then $10 for a small soda):
      “insufficient fodder to convince people to ‘leave their homes, travel to the theater, and drop $8 a ticket.’”

    • The last time I went to the movies it was alone, and I bought myself a coke and popcorn and it cost me $32 all up. How does anyone afford to go on dates anymore?

  6. Regis is back! :) But the cast of The New Girl wants him to go away. :( http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/f2cbce5da8/new-girl?playlist=featured_videos

  7. I’m still alive, but I’m dead on the inside, just like Walt.

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