This is not the first time that a woman has broken the wig ceiling and entered the Cool Disguise force on equal footing with men. We have already seen Jennifer Love Hewitt accomplish this once-thought-impossible task. (Although, to be completely fair, ladies, even when your disguise is very very cool, it is still only earning about 68 percent coolness on every Cool Dollar when you compare it to a Mr. Cool Disguise like this one or this one. I know it’s not your fault, it is just the cruel and wicked world we live in, but progress is progress and one day you will wear a fake mustache attached to a pair of lensless glasses as well as any man.) Intractable inequality aside, this is a great day for womyn! You, too, can knowingly enter into the modern celebrity contract, with all of its invasion of privacy and disregard for human sanity, then smash into a couple of people with your car and run away, and THEN decide that you no longer want your picture taken while you’re picking up a $45,000 watch for your assistant’s new baby and a couple of bagels that you had flown in from New York on their own private jet. Throw a caftan over your face! Walk with pride knowing that no one will ever possibly spot you! You’re a beautiful ghost. One of the hardest things about being a celebrity has always been the inability to go out in public without people recognizing you and disrupting whatever mundane activity you were trying to do in peace and quiet. Until now! Blend in with the crowds and be a real human being, ladies. Nothing to see here wink wink wink wink. Wink wink wink. Enjoy it, gals! (Via OMG!. Thanks for the tip, Antonia.))

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  1. I understand wearing a hat and sunglasses or whatever so you can go to the store without getting mobbed, but what the fuck is the deal with wearing a weirdly conspicuous blanket over your head in a way that no sane person ever would?

    Is it some sort of LOOK AT ME/DON’T LOOK AT ME thing where the point of the disguise is actually to attract attention?

  2. Maybe “Ms. Cool Disguise” would earn just as much as “Mr. Cool Disguise” if she dressed up like a man. Something to think about.

  3. Amanda Bynes to the police, twenty minutes later: “I didn’t crash because I’m drunk! I just forgot to take off my cool disguise!”

  4. she’s got a sheet covering her head and she can’t drive. maybe she’s converting to Islam?

  5. I just don’t understand what Amanda Bynes has ever done to warrant following her around with a camera. I looked at her IMDb page and honestly, I’m baffled.

    • I know a lot of people* that have see What A Girl Wants. Maybe the paparazzi really like that movie?

      *These people are adults. And I have seen it more than once.

      • She was on All That as a kid and then had her own show (The Amanda Show) after that. People were making a big deal about her as a comedic actress for a while (I think somebody even called her the next Lucille Ball) but now she just gets press for being a hot mess, a la Lindsay Lohan.

  6. that’s a hard disguise to pull off, turning your whole bottom half around 180 degres. She should have just worn a big scarf…

  7. They’ve basically run out of ideas for superheroes.

  8. court dismissed. bring out the dancing lobsters

  9. If I ever get famous, my Cool Disguises will be various incarnations of Doctor Who.

    Speaking of the Doctor, last Saturday’s episode where he killed that guy, was that out of character or not?

  10. Why the fuck would a baby need to know what time it is.

  11. How dare you a) imply that an old, old picture of Tony Clifton is Mr. Tigerblood himself. Tony was little more than a no-talent, abusive addict, while Charlie is an accomplished Hollywood star; b) imply that a picture of Mr. Potatohead (of the Toystory trilogy fame) is Mel “Who Wants to Fucking Eat?” Gibson. So he looks different without his movie makeup, who doesn’t? (Yeah, I know that these are old links. I was perfectly willing to let you have your fun the first time, but this aggression will not stand.) c) not even reference Alec “Fat Pig” Baldwin, whose idea this was to begin with (check the archives and fix the link, dammit).

    Also, there is no verifiable evidence that the woman in those “mom” shorts isn’t Miley Cyrus. Also, I thought Amanda Bynes died like two years ago.

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