What? The Barney’s bag? He was shopping!

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  1. Oh good, I can check that off of my bucket list.

  2. Well, look at Mr. Cardinal Disguise.

  3. Well, I clicked on one of the closeup pictures so I think I might be fired now.

  4. All the gays were sending me this weekend. We are super excited to know that not only do we never have a chance with him, but he’s also very well-hung so it’s like a double blow. Thanks a lot! Also Ryan Reynolds got married today to Lake B-Lively – FML!

  5. I sort of think he does this a lot? I remember some gossip site had a retrospective of his shopping habits awhile back.

  6. Stop me at three pairs of hideous loafers. This is one.

  7. That is not what I was expecting, but good for him.

  8. Well, seeing as there is a thing called a Ball-Peen Hammer, should we even bother with this BNPG?

  9. Gossip blog acts like it ain’t ever seen a penis through slacks before.

  10. Jon Hamm has revealed a bit more of Dick Whitman than ever expected.

  11. Something tells me this photo will lead to quite a few jealous and mad men.

  12. Look at the closeup picture, you guys. Photoshop City.

  13. “Hey Jon, how’s it hangin’?”

    “Low and to right, haha. But, no – seriously.”

  14. I need a cigarette.

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