Sometimes you think something is gone forever because you lost it on a camping trip a few years ago, and then your mom finds it on eBay and you get it back again. You know? That’s just life. It’s something that we can all relate to — maybe not the exact story, but certainly ELEMENTS of the story, like the camping element or the blue monkey element (that I haven’t mentioned yet, actually) or the eBay element or like whatever. The point is that we get it. But although it’s a classic tale, one which has been told forever and will be told in many different ways from now until the end of time, somehow, every time we see it, it remains fresh. The look on the young boy as he clutches his lost money, the mother desperately trying to get him to understand that it is, in fact, HIS lost monkey because look at the tag and look at the hair, and the peaceful resolution we all feel knowing that this boy and his lost blue monkey stuffed animal will be together forever, and also why are we crying? Ahhhhh, I don’t know! It’s just a stuffed animal! WHY IS THIS VIDEO SO GOOD!

It’s just like all of those videos of dads coming back from war and surprising those kids, but more meaningful. Hahah. JK. It is good though, right?!? Do you think it’s the real monkey? (Do you think maybe it’s possible that another kid wanted to cut the tag off of the monkey and also put him in the dryer at some point?) (Or do you think the mulch proves it definitively?) (Not that I want to ask these questions, but, like, I NEED to.) THESE GUYS! (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. That was very touching. And now he’s going to spend the next 20 years making sure none of his friends ever see this video.

  2. Sometimes you think something is gone forever, and it turns out it really is, because it was your security blanket, and your mother stole it from you and then told you it was lost and that you would never find it. Then about 20 years later it finally dawns on you that you didn’t really lose it, but that it was stolen by your mother, and while initially you’re pretty pissed off that she’d do something like that, you eventually have to give her credit that it was a pretty good trick, and hey, mom’s know best!

    Except for this mom, because by filming this and putting it on youtube, this poor kid will be ruthlessly ridiculed until he’s 40.

    • Yeah it seems like this is just going to end with more pain for the kid– I’m sure he was basically “over” losing the stuffed monkey, now he’s going to have another opportunity to lose it and be really upset about it, or else just kind of stick it on a shelf and not really care because he’s already at the upper limit of “caring about stuffed animals age” as it is.

  3. “Remember when I was looking on the computer and went (GASP FACE) and ran into the bathroom and locked the door? I found Ah-Ah on the internet.”-
    -Excerpt from “How Moms Explain Divorce To Their Kids”


    See, this is EXACTLY why I never took my favorite stuffed animal with me on trips. I knew there was always a possibility that he could get left behind or lost or messed up, so I always left him at home where I knew he would be safe and sound waiting for me.

    I did laugh though when the kid was like, “We shouldn’t have had to pay for him!”

    • I was the opposite. I took my favourite doll on all our trips. When I was very little, probably 4, I forgot her at home and was inconsolable. Luckily, my dad had to work a few extra days and was joining us later, so he brought her with him.
      But I was still worried, so he convinced me that he bought her an extra train ticket and that she sat next to him in the window seat the entire journey.

  5. Man, those Toy Story guys made it home all on their own, without any interference from the mom! This monkey is just lazy!

  6. I bought my first car, a 1986 SAAB 900 turbo with a really sticky clutch and the engine fans installed backwards for some godawful reason, at a police aution for 250$. I brought it home and popped the hood to see why the engine was overheating and noticed the fans were backwards, so I went to my neighbour (who is a mechanic) to ask him for help fixing them and it turns out it was maybe his first car also, but actually in 1986 when it was brand new! In any case, he had done some work on his before he really knew anything about cars and they had to take the fans out and it never cooled properly since, so it probably was the same car? And driving with an overheating engine since like 1988 without anyone getting it fixed! It was a really beautiful moment for us. He would fix it for free and I’d let him drive around every now and then. God I miss that car.

  7. What fucking school does this kid go to where he can show his face after his classmates see this. Thanks a bunch mom and dad.

  8. Or maybe you go to the beach with your dog on a whim and think, “I should bring my iPhone so I can take pictures… I NEVER go to the beach!” so you pack up your bag with a nice bottle of wine (because this beach is a drinking beach) and a toy to throw and a blanket and somehow that iPhone of yours falls out of your pocket… So you scramble around looking for it and a nice tourist offers to help and thanks to you losing more things than anyone on the planet, the bright case allows her to see it in the large expanse of sand. So you offer her a glass of wine and give her a hug and you make a new friend.

    And then you swear to never EVER tell anyone that story. Ever.

  9. “Ah… ah…”

    ::drops snowglobe. dies::

  10. Much better than Kelly’s videos about bugs and spiders. A cerulean simian tour de force.


  12. It’s probably because it’s Monday and I haven’t had a day off for over a week, but this is just really infuriating to me-not so much the kid, but the mom crying-like, ugggghhhh what is going to happen to you when you have to send your son away to college? It’s really shitty to video tape something that is going to clearly embarrass the kid just to prove what an awesome mom you are!

    • And she is obviously MUUUUUUUUUUCH more invested in this whole thing than the kid is. He doesn’t even remember what Ah Ah looked like! He was over it years ago!

      “He has pieces of when we went camping in his feet.” Hahahahahahaha no he does not.

      • In fact, I bet she bought a replica monkey off the black market, cut the tag off, singed the hairs on it’s head, rubbed it’s feet in dirt, flew overnight to Florida to set up the Ebay auction and find a safe house for Ah-Ah, used an advanced secret bidding system to win the auction, drugged her child for 3 days until the monkey arrived in the mail, made sure she was just the right amount of “harried mom” unkempt, bribed her teenage neighbor to videotape/edit the thing in guise of her “husband”, just to prove what an awesome mom she is. I can’t believe she didn’t have her “daughter” play her “viola” (omfg who the hell plays viola any more?) to underscore the whole damn thing.

  13. Not to rain on their parade but what kind of person sells a well used stuffed animal on eBay?

    Oh well..PUGS!!!!!

  14. I can’t believe all the ridicule that is going on here over something that is supposed to be good and heartfelt. With all the hatred we are surrounded by in this world maybe all of you cynics need to just take this video at face value and stop spewing more hate. And to the mom in this video~well done. You’re a great mother from what I can see. Many blessings to you and yours.

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