One thing to remember as we all get back into the groove of our work week, with one more work Monday to check off the seemingly never-ending list of work Mondays that we’ll have in our simultaneously too short and too long lifetimes, is that it can always be worse. And also it can always be better. And maybe it’s just the way that you’re doing things that is wrong. Like, for example, is the store you work for the store that made this training video? If not then maybe that’s where you’re going wrong! I don’t know, but just, maybe you should try to be a little more like the store that made this training video? They are just having a blast selling gaudy rings and antique mirrors! Or whatever! They’re happy and they don’t give a shit what you think about their shit! As long as you appreciate the customer service. And the selling. And the service. And the selling. So. Remember that, I guess. Do whatever you want. #MONDAZE (Via YaBaboon.)

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  1. This is hands down the best training video for employees of a t-shirt/key chain/mug/jewelry store that I’ve ever seen.

  2. No one calls anybody “Happy Pete”

  3. The Black Lodge is much different in reality, isn’t it?

  4. Happy Monday, Videogum! I made you my first blingee!

  5. Sometimes it’s just really easy to tell when a store is above the 48th Parallel.

  6. I didn’t really think they made their case. I get their proposition: Service is selling. But they never really explain why. Their business model seems to assume that there are customers who just want to buy stuff, regardless of the level of service provided. I mean, Jill told her customers to go to heck, and Happy Pete bought something anyway (though admittedly, not as much)! I think that really sends the opposite message.

    Also, those old people were creepy.

  7. Service may be selling, but it is almost certainly not dancing.

  8. Jill is definitely the break-out star of this video. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go to heck.

  9. Living in rural Alaska, I just sort of assumed there would never be a post on this site that had people I know, but I KNOW THOSE PEOPLE! I feel really important right now. What a strange way to wake up, though. Seriously, they’re all really super nice people in that video.

  10. As a resident Alaskan Videogum Monster I feel compelled to apologize and point out that an Oosik which the man was trying to sell the woman to make her happy is a Walrus’ Penis, and to apologize and to say that I have no idea what this video was really about and to apologize and then go back to bed because it’s still really early in the morning here.

  11. If I saw anyone walking into my store the way Happy Pete does in this video, I’d definitely have to utilize the ol’ Simpsons ““You dial 9-1, and when I say so, dial 1 again!” move.

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