At least SOMEONE has the courage to stand up to the President of the United States when he’s asleep at the wheel. Once again, Lindsay Lohan tweets truth to power. I’m not sure what Mitt Romney’s position is on the tax structure governing those poor people who are listed on Forbes as “millionaires” if they are not, although I bet he cries when he reads this message, and this is not an endorsement of either party, I am just saying that clearly SOMEONE has to do SOMETHING. Looks like after all of the talk and speculation this election is still totally up for grabs. Good luck, boys. Prove that you can make this country a better place and deliver on the promise of our founding fathers. And let’s get this country back on track. #Lohan #Tweets #Forbes #NateSilver #Hope #Change #Forward #PaulRyan #America #BuzzFeed

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  1. Someone should tell her that the first step towards cutting taxes would be to cut off government funding to social services such as rehab clinics.

  2. I guess Lindsay Lohan was ignoring all the teachers at the Mean Girls high school, not just Tina Fey. Because how the hell are we supposed to parse this sentence? GO BACK TO PUNCTUATION SCHOOL LINDSAY LOHAN.

    • Yeah, I can’t actually understand what she is trying to say?! Is she saying that millionaires need tax cuts? If, so why?

      I’m ACTUALLY just very curious about what her opinion is.

      • I’m thinking she’s saying Forbes lists her as a millionaire when she’s not actually, so can she pretty please have a tax break because she thinks the Forbes list is how the government determines its tax brackets?

        • That’s. Insane.

          AND AMAZING. I love celebrity logic. It reminds me of schizophrenic logic. I used to work for a lit agency and once a month we’d get a completely bonkers MS from a different mentally ill person and they would be my FAVORITE manuscripts to review. Those manuscripts bear striking resemblances to a variety of celebrity twitter feeds.

          • I wonder if she’s just making a light hearted joke or, as someone who has never had to manage her own money in here entire adult life, she just doesn’t know how these tax things work.

    • The structure of that Tweet makes me think that Herbie isn’t the only one who’s fully loaded.

  3. I imagine every thought in Lindsay Lohan’s head is a poorly constructed sentence. I believe that she thinks in bad grammar. Her brain runs on run-on sentences. And she’s not quite sure what her mind is trying to tell her. Thank god for Twitter so she can share it with us.

  4. Saying Lindsay Lohan will be the first one against the wall suddenly has a different meaning.

  5. I thiiiiiink I get the gist of what she’s trying to say, but I really cannot understand that “sentence.”

    • I think she thinks that because she was listed as a millionaire in Forbes it means she has to pay higher taxes, but she’s saying she’s not really a millionaire?

      Evidently she thinks that whoever prepares her taxes just saw that article and wrote “MILLIONAIRE” in capital letters across her 1040-EZ and sent it in?

  6. Maybe she and Kim Kardashian can get together and brainstorm how to fix this mess of an economy.

  7. alas poor LiLo: she flew too close to the sun and the radiation gave her brain damage

  8. Wait–if Jessica Alba endorses Obama, and Lindsay Lohan questions Obama, how am I supposed to vote? Can someone clear this up for me? Can Jessica Biel serve as the tiebreaker vote?

  9. lindsay lohans are people too!

  10. This is perfect. “@KimKardashian, please RT! Let’s fix this economy by finally for once in our lives letting millionaires luxury-spend us back into a balanced budget!!” Awesome. Right when I was worried maybe she’d never get her feet back on the ground, she goes and proves me wrong. Lohan/Kardashian 2016 LET’S GET THIS ECONOMY BACK ON TRACK!!

  11. Twitter: raising the bar for political discourse since 2010.


  13. I think that if these troubled starlets continue to insist on having Twitter accounts, they really should hire people to ghostwrite their tweets. So Lindsay could be like “I WANT TO RESPOND TO OBAMA TALKING ABOUT TAX CUTS BECAUSE I NEED THEM TOO I’M NOT ACTUALLY A MILLIONAIRE!!!” and then the ghostwriter could tweet something semi-coherent like “@BarackObama Totally! As a small-leggings-business owner I could use some cuts too!”

  14. And with that, President Muniz found his Chairman of the FED

  15. LiLo: Wut? Millionaires are people too, you guys!
    President Obama: Who said what? Why are you telling me? Is that the girl from Herbie? She’s a millionaire? Can we get back to WORK now, please?!

  16. if you’re not a millionaire, maybe stop living like one and get a job?

  17. Courtney Stodden makes more sense.

    It’s Friday & you know what that means! Get on the floor and give it to me :) xxx

  18. Ok, IRS. I think you’ll find my paperwork in good order.

    *hands over a ripped out page of Forbes magazine*

  19. This is the kind of person that believes in the GOP’s tax policy: a crack addict.

    • Now I think of it, this might have more to do with poor articulation of her cracked-out thoughts than with the Republican party platform.


  20. Jeez, Lindsey, understand the economy much?!?!

  21. This is why you either a) stay in school or b) really commit to the thing you think you’re so good at that you dropped out of school to pursue it.

  22. Ok I’ll say it; I think this was a joke…? I mean, I’m no Lohan fanboy (LOL) but this seems sarcastic to me. Sarcasm done poorly? Sure. But sarcasm nonetheless.

  23. Guys, you are still being a bit harsh. I’m pretty sure that she just saw the President referring to “small business” and misunderstood what he was talking about. . .

  24. Damn, her grammar is terrible. Now I regret showing ‘Mean Girls’ to my high school seniors in the English class I taught in East Los Angeles a few years ago. I guess heavy cocaine use throws punctuation out the window! This is an example of why child-stars should still go to college and fucking learn something.

  25. Very C U Next Tuesday Lindsay. Maybe you should check your tax returns to see how much money you’re actually making and how much is your parent’s cut.

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