Well? You read the headline. What should it be called, do you think? You do not need any more information. Or I guess the only other real piece of information that you need is that J.J. Abrams’ robot buddy cop show does not currently have a name. So everything you can think of is on the table. UGH OK well fine, here is some more information. From Deadline:

With Fringe heading into its final season, the series’ JJ Abrams and J.H. Wyman have set up a new futuristic drama at Fox.

In a competitive situation, the network has nabbed the untitled Warner Bros. TV/Bad Robot-produced project with a pilot production commitment. It is described as an action-packed buddy cop show, set in the near future, when all LAPD officers are partnered with highly evolved human-like androids.

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? I’m not as big of a J.J. Abrams’ fan as you guys probably are, so you might have some better insight into show-naming, but here are my ideas:

  • Future Cop Budz 6.0
  • d0nUtz.
  • I’m Paired With A Ro-WHAT?
  • This Guy Again…
  • A.N.D.R.O.I.D

Those are all pretty good, right? I hope I guessed the right one! If you’re reading this J.J. Abrams, feel free to take one of those!!! Do you guys have any ideas, or did I steal them all?

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  1. I, Robot. You, Jane.

    (Also, the human partner will be played by Tom Jane)

    • M. Night Shyamalan is consulting. The twist: It’s the robot that just wants his kids back, but he just thinks he has kids, because he has a ghosts memories, but he doesn’t have kids because he’s a robot. But he doesn’t know.

  2. I suppose Robo-Cop is out.

  3. Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.


    • Here, let me at least do the theme song:

      BAD ROBOT!
      [dubstep part, and it's awful]
      he’s just a mothafuckin robot
      in the mothafuckin streets
      does lotsa robot things
      plus he’s a cop robot and it’s a bad idea for a show.
      BAD ROBOT: A Bad Robot Buddy Cop Show, featuring a not-robot too, I guess.

      I don’t even know where the theme song ended and the commentary began or even what the show is called anymore but I think it’s a reboot of Lost now, so, well. I’m sorry, again, really, there should be some kind of rule against me posting on these make-up-a-name-for-a-thing posts.

  5. L.Android.P.D.

  6. Robo-Popo

  7. Cagney & Lazer
    Charlie’s Androids
    Hawaii 5.0

  8. (Computer) CHiPs

  9. Not that new of an idea:

  10. Law & OS

  11. The Tin Partner

  12. Precinct 101100100111010001

  13. This concept was all the rage in the 70′s:
    I know I’ve been waiting for that Holmes and Yoyo reboot.
    RIP Ernest Borgnine.

  14. Good Cop/Bad Robot

  15. You Have the Right to Remain Sentient

  16. Law and Order: CPU

  17. Isn’t that just Person of Interest? /JimCaveizalActingBurn

  18. “The Three Laws of Brobotics”

    On a side note: GET SOME REAL NAMES “J.J” AND “J.H.”

  19. Alien Nation But Robots

  20. HardDrive & McCormick

  21. D.A.R.R.Y.L.

  22. The Adventures of Charles Widmore.

  23. The Thin Blue Screen of Death.

  24. the cop is female. so let’s call it Anne’s Droid.

  25. COPS to the Future

  26. another detective show with Watson as a sidekick? Benedict Cumberbatch is gunna be PISSED

  27. Unit 5.4.01, Where Are You?

  28. The Firewire
    The Shield-ed USB Connector Cable

  29. A.I., Spy

  30. Datum 12

  31. Blade Walking In Place

  32. I.Y.L.L.Y.L.T.I.P.T.T.W.B.B(pronounced Ey-lyt-pffft-Web)*

    If you liked lost you like this I promise this time will be better

  33. Tango and Cache

  34. Late to this one, but Robot Cop Rock, right?

  35. The New Normal

  36. How did no one say Bad Robot Show? It works on so many levels!

  37. Aaaaw, the robot pictured is the Robot from a Doctor Who story called Robot. Usually sans cop hat. You guys DO love Doctor Who after all!

  38. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (oh wait, that one’s taken :p )
    Circuit Breaker
    En Route
    Hard Copy
    Flash Drive
    Flash Fink
    Partners in Crime
    Expansion Board

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