There is nothing to add to perfection.

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  1. Every Granny Dance Now!

  2. What a (replacement) hip grandma.

  3. It’s funny to think that the people who pioneered breakdancing are in their 50s-60s now. The disco-ers in their 60s-70s. Old people right now can DANCE. My grandparents were big into rockabilly in the day and they danced us all under the table at their 60th anniversary.

  4. i knew grandma stole my iPod. she told me she couldn’t find it when i called to see if I left it there.

  5. I hope I’m that cool when I’m that old.

    So, I have about a year left to get much cooler than I am now.

  6. This lady appeared on Ellen. She said that she used to be a dancer, and never liked hip-hop until she saw Twitch from “So you think you can dance”. Now she gets it and she loves it. While she was recreating her Usher chair dance, they had Twitch come out and surprise her.

  7. Why is her shower stool in the kitchen?

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