• Parenthood is back next week, you guys! AHHHH! Can you believe it? Cannot wait. To celebrate, NBC put pictures of the cast when they were young on a Pinterest, whatever that even is I still don’t know. Can you guess which member of the cast this is? NO CHEATING! -Pinterist
  • Scarlett Johansson, one-woman political think tank and good good friend of Barack Obama, is going to be speaking tonight at the DNC. Tune in 2 c if u want 2 vote 4 Barack! -TheSuperficial
  • Read about this chemistry teacher lady who works with Vince Gilligan on Breaking Bad, she seems great. A piece of bad news she shares though is that you “cannot” learn how to make meth from watching the show, winkwinkwink. -PacificStandard
  • Bill Cunningham New York, which has been streaming on Netflix Instant for quite some time, is now streaming on Hulu. You have no reason not to watch it!! Watch it!! -Hulu
  • FilmDrunk has gathered together “seven things about Looper you’re going to love,” which is strange to me because JGL’s perfect Bruce Willis face is only one thing. Do they count it seven times? Click to find out! -FilmDrunk
  • The Parks and Recreation Season 4 gag reel was released onto the Internet yesterday (I think) and I forgot to include it in links. SUE ME WHY DON’T YOU! It’s great, as all gag reels are, no matter what anyone says. -HyperVocal
  • Here’s a question: Can a cartoon animal replace Mr. Rogers? Yes or no? Leave your yeses or nos in the comments. -TheWeek
  • A man in Kansas has started a campaign to rename his town Smallville in honor of Mr. Superman and all he has done for it. I hope he gets what he wants! Good luck! -SlashFilm
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  1. Man, those Parks and Rec kids look like they have SO MUCH FUN ALL THE TIME!

  2. Why not get Bill Cunningham to play Mr Rodgers?

  3. Technically, Yes. In our hearts, Never (or No). Which is neither a yes or a no, but let’s call it a No to prevent me further confusing myself. This of course is in response to the Looper thing; go ahead and replace Mr. Rodgers with a cat for all I care. Mr. Rodgers is dead.

  4. I am going to back Kelly up here by saying that gag reels ARE great and I love them.

  5. BILL CUNNINGHAM is ‘not streaming’ on Hulu or is it ‘now streaming’ on Hulu? I ask b/c I don’t get down with Hulu and don’t want to check.

  6. Kelly, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers shortly re: Veebs v. Kelly Forgetting To Link Parks & Rec Bloopers. HOPE U ENJOY JAIL

  7. Pinterest is a place where you can look at pictures of shoes and read recipes for vegetarian meatloaf. It’s quite literally the best idea that anyone has ever had.

  8. No. Tigers don’t wear sweaters.

  9. No (I hope someone’s counting these Kelly)

  10. Well considering a cartoon tiger won’t make me want to cry every time I see it I think it’ll be just fine.

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