You’ve got to hand it to CNBC, they are nothing if not consistent. If you are a guest on that network, you are probably going to get asked some kind of question about your economic views. Even if you are Kim Kardashian? Well, yes, it would seem so. I’m not entirely sure when this clip aired, as if that even matters to anyone at all. Let’s just say it was five minutes ago. But, so, Kim Kardashian was on CNBC and they asked her what she thought of the economy these days. HAAAAA! Weirdly, the interviewer doesn’t start furiously back-pedaling. “Uh, I mean, what’s your favorite flavor of sushi?!” You know, throwing out any other questions and seeing what sticks. Because here’s the thing about asking Kim Kardashian what she thinks of the current state of the economy: besides that being patently ridiculous, you also are going to have to LISTEN TO THE ANSWER. Whoops! That’s on you. You made your bed with Kim Kardashian’s “thoughts” on the economy, and now you have to lie in it and listen to what those thoughts are. SPOILER ALERT: she ah not so good at making the talk about wallet stuff.

Hahaha, GREAT take on the economy, Kimbers! She actually sounds almost exactly like Sarah Palin. Maybe the two of them can join forces and run for Co-Presidents of It. Game change! Rob can design the socks for the secret service, and Khloe and Lamar can argue over bagels. Something something Todd Palin on a snowmobile hunting Jews. The details haven’t all been worked out, but that’s what the hired help is for anyways. (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. “I built that!” -Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgeon

  2. Reality television is a lot like the economy. Nobody really likes it, or even understands it, and people are constantly trying to make it better, but it’s ultimately just the same stuff cycled over and over again. Also, 10% of all cable channels control 90% of the reality programming.

  3. well supply side economics is very retro, it’s probably back in fashion now.

  4. Like such as the South Africa?

  5. “Well, obviously you start with a sex tape. That got my entire family wealthy!”

    • They were rich before that! Her father defended a murderer!

      • Now we know what the “?” stands for!

        1) Defend a murderer / be the daughter of a murderer-defender.
        2) Make a sex tape (formerly “?”)
        3) Profit!

        • I think it also helps if your stepfather is a famous Olympian who has completely ruined his face with questionable plastic surgeries and whose son was in ANOTHER famous reality franchise.

          • Ask anyone under 18 who Bruce Jenner is and they’ll say he’s the creeper lurking in the background of a reality show. That’s his legacy now. That and his face. Even the Village People movie “Can’t Stop the Music” would have been a more dignified legacy.

            Kardashian the elder may have been on OJ’s dream team prior to all this, but everyone knows the empire of Kardashian was built on the solid foundation that is Kim’s butt.

          • Not sure what you mean about Bruce’s face. Looks fine to me.

          • Not for sale?! GODDAMNIT!

          • That is the scariest doll I have ever seen.

  6. I like to imagine he asked her that to prove to everyone that she is an idiot and has no business being a role model, but then I remember that people who look up to Kim Kardashian don’t watch CNBC.

  7. quality as luxury as possible to mass
    love is forever fan love you.

  8. Even all those numbers and stock names circling around her can’t make her look smarter.

    • i think she is a pretty perfect symbolic iteration of the stock market- a completely deluded joke that fucks people for a living, and that no one understands how it perpetuates itself.

  9. follow @kimkierkegaard on twitter – it pairs kierkegaard quotes with kardashian quotes. perfection.

    • At first I was like, I cannot have Kierkegaard dumbed down and insulted by KK, but then stuff like this:

      “Not sure why my hair looks light in some pics & dark in others–an absurd confusion, for a self differs infinitely from those externals.

  10. She should take her advice from another reality star:

    • I’ve seen too many of those Bad Lip Reading videos so I very clearly imagine her doing a rooster impression here instead of saying “that’s hot.”

    • I like to imagine that, while she is speaking, she is also watching a circus gymnast tumble across the room in front of her.

  11. “What do I care? I’m in the empire business.” is what she should’ve said.

  12. Hey, I can keep up with the Kardashian understanding of the current socioeconomic climate! Yay I am a success.

  13. But imagine if she said something BRILLIANT and it fixed all the economies forever? Wouldn’t it be great if you were the guy who took a chance and asked Kim Kardashian what she thought of the economy?

    • “I asked Kim K about the economy, AMA”

      “Kim K economy asker shocking sex tape leaked!!”

      “New hit reliaty show where guy who asked Kim Kardashian about the economy asks other people about other things makes a billion dollars in the first quarter!”

      “‘What are your thoughts on the current state of the economy?’ t-shirt sales SKYROCKET, economy doin’ great!!”

  14. Shouldn’t entrepreneur be in quotations?

  15. Hey, George Soros, do you think belted dresses are going to be the hot thing on the streets this fall?

  16. I didn’t watch the video because I didn’t make my bed out of Kim Kardashian’s “thoughts” on the economy and why should I have to lie in someone else’s gross bed?

  17. Okay, dicks, that really wasn’t even the context of the question. It’s not like leather-faced, you know she reeks of cigarettes and D&G host lady asked Kim K. to explain the microeconomic climate in the country right now. She basically said, “Hey, Kim, what are the consmoomers buying from your piece of shit store?” (But such a clever name, no? Look me in the balloon eye and tell me you weren’t impressed the first time that you heard the store name. I know, you were like, “No way those dumb bitches came up with that themselves.” But whatever, it’s clever). To which Kim replied, “Well, we are just buying pieces of shit and charging a little less for them. The sheeple are just eating it up. Der, I mean, the shit is quality. It’s good shit, but you know. Stuff.”

    Now, I’ll admit that she still sounds like an idiot. Come on, it’s Kim K. Did she all of the sudden jump sixty I.Q. points because she swallowed more. . .er, I mean, all I’m saying is that you guys should cut it out with the misleading criticisms of the media and its flunkies.

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