Will Matthew and Mary’s faces fall off from making out so hard? Will Thomas fall in love and finally just leave forever already? Will the old Old Lady and the new Old Lady play board games together? Will the walks around the property still seem pleasant? Ahhhh! CAN’T WAIT TO FIND OUT!

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  1. Can’t wait. Love that they got a bunch of kids to sing a Lou Reed song about wasting away the day on Heroin!

  2. I have the most dignified boner.

  3. Lou Reed? Lou Reed.

  4. What does Benedict Cumberbatch think of this?

  5. I WATCHED IT WITHOUT SOUND AND I AM STILL VERY EXCITED. Looks like there are a lot of sexy scandals in store! Thomas checks out a dude’s (very nice looking, I must say) back! Sybil and Branson making out all over the place! (Also, Branson wears an ill-fitting suit!) Matthew and Mary disagree, but then still kiss! AHAHAHAH!

  6. Bah. No Molesley?

  7. Will someone teach me how to torrent? I can’t wait until PBS airs this. I assure you that I am not in the FBI.

    • I don’t even understand why it can’t air here in the US the same day it airs in England? They’re doing it with Doctor Who!! (And yes, I know that it’s two different networks and there are different deals and whatnot but STILL IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO IT SO WHY NOT DO IT?)

  8. I watched the entire 2nd season before it aired in the US by subscribing to Megavideo, but then the feds shut that site down (like 2 weeks after I paid $60 for a 6 month subscription, BOO) and none of the other ones on Sidereel are any good :(

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