We all have our dream Broadway musical adaptations of kind of oldish movies, but for some reason the topic very rarely comes up in conversation. Think about it — the last time you and your friends mulled it over at a party, did the topic come up naturally or did you really have to force it, over and over again, before someone finally took the bait? Mmhm. Luckily for us, though, today we have the perfect lead-in from The New York Times:

The stage adaptation of “Flashdance,” based on the 1983 movie about a female welder-dancer, will begin performances on Broadway in Aug. 2013, the show’s producers announced on Tuesday. A theater, dates and casting are still to be announced.

A Broadway run of “Flashdance” has been in the works for several years. Following a 2010 London production, a group of veteran theater producers announced last year that the show would come to Broadway in the fall of 2012. In May, however, the producer Marc Routh said the show would be pushed to spring 2013, citing a lack of available Broadway theaters this fall, and to give time for more work to be done on the show.

Ok, so Flashdance is already off the table, as is Austin Powers, not to mention Bring It On and Once and Sister Act and Newsies and Ghost and The Lion King and Marry Poppins, et cetra, but I’m sure you can think of a few others. Like, what are the ones you always think about? It’s fine if you just want to say those! You don’t have to reinvent your Movie-To-Broadway dreams, just share them. My choices are obviously Clueless and The Shining and almost definitely Buffalo ’66. But you know what else would be great? DROP DEAD FRED. Especially if they can get Rik Mayall to reprise his roll. And maybe So I Married An Axe Murderer? WHO KNOWS! Maybe they should just remake all the movies into musicals and we’ll go from there. What do you think???????

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  1. National Treasure.

  2. Spaceballs

  3. StopThe Planet of The Apes…I Want To Get Off

  4. Hairpray (the remake, not the original)

  5. Really anything by Robert Altman.

  6. A musical version of the Mickey Rourke – Don Johnson classic Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is something I dream about often.

  7. Grizzly Man

  8. Milo & Otis

  9. Melancholia featuring the 11o’clock number, “It Takes Like Ashes”

  10. The Oogieloves

  11. Arrested Development: The Movie: The Musical

  12. Hotel For Dogs — starring real life singing and dancing dogs!!

  13. Caligula

  14. A History of Violence. The smoldering, pre-69 duet would top the itunes charts for sure.

  15. The Remote from Click: The Musical

  16. Step Up 2 The Stage

  17. Wet Hot American Musical!

  18. Forget musicals. I want to see Blue Valentine on ice!

  19. Irreversible staring Akin and Ryan

  20. Eat Pray Love

  21. Drop Dead Fred is one of those movies I saw like 50 times when I was a kid and then caught most of it on TV not too long ago and realized what a piece of shit it is. Sometimes I think I should actively avoid every piece of pop culture that was important to me when I was very young. It may be the only way to protect the reputation of these things. Drop Dead Fred should’ve DEFINITELY stayed in the taped up Jack In The Box, if you catch my drift.

    My choice for a broadway musical is Showgirls.

  22. Howard the Duck


    - Votes from the Teen Corner

  24. Jurassic Park, obviously.

  25. Margaret

  26. I’m Still Here

  27. Solarbabies, with Lukas Haas reprising his role, somehow.

  28. The Dark Knight: Turn on the Even Darker than Previously Imagined (K)night: The Musical-ish

  29. ‘Phantom of the Opera’, as long as it’s the 2004 version.

  30. There Will Be Blood.

  31. I made a Shining Musical in my high school! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOGSsZwHO5U

  32. Robocop

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