Aren’t public restrooms disgusting? Well say goodbye to sitting on those yucky public toilets. Now, with Potty Pax, you just use your Potty Pax and then put it in your mouth and jump off a bridge because what’s wrong with you?!

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  1. How is this an improvement on the diapers I normally wear?

  2. Based on the title, I thought this was going to be something WAAAY different.

  3. What about the splash factor from dumps? That toilet water wants to splash on your cheeks, you know it does!

  4. this is how it starts, i’m telling you

  5. This is a terrible idea.

  6. AAAAAAAHH!!! Why is that three and half minutes long? WHY WHY WHY

    • I fast-forwarded three times and every time it was showing the exact same footage.

      • That’s what’s known in advertising as the Head-On principle: Potty Pax! Apply directly to shit stains. Potty Pax! Apply directly to shit stains. Potty Pax! Apply directly to shit stains.

  7. Also, that toilet they keep showing with straight-up simulated human excrement smeared on the OUTSIDE of the toilet? The answer there is to go to a different toilet, because you have found a 99.9 percentile disgusting toilet.

  8. is this a real thing?

  9. A couple of years ago, when I was training for a marathon, I came upon a pee speckled toilet. I was in the middle of a 16 mile run and functioning on a mild hangover, some cold pizza and 5 hours of sleep. I did not want to spend too much time in the bathroom because I wanted to keep my running rhythm going so I opted to, instead of cleaning it, poo Eagle style, that is standing with a linebacker stance with a few inches separating your skin from the filthy ceramic. Now, I don’t need to tell you that a bad night’s sleep and crappy food is a recipe for one mean poop but add the fact that you are standing in a strained position with tired shaky legs to the mix and try to imagine what came next; I Pollock’d over that bathroom with the fury of a thousand pooping suns. I ended up cleaning that bathroom for a half hour before finally getting back to my run.
    Moral of the story: a wipe in time saves nine.

  10. What the hell has the person responsible for this been eating???

  11. i just use the bladder buddy.

    as for the occasional number two, i always keep a spare shovel handy.

  12. This reminds me, you guys! I figured out how people manage to not flush automatic toilets! They put toilet paper of the sensor! Of course, I still haven’t figured out WHY.

  13. i thought it was a horrible idea and i wasn’t going to buy one. then i saw what was up with their celebrity endorsement:

    now i’m on the hook for 7 pax (two are gifts).

  14. Ahhhhh those “kid version” ones looked a little too much like gummy bears in a ziplock. I thought they were going to suggest putting a snack in one of the convenient side pockets.

  15. First of all, you guys are wayyy too cynical. Potty Pax is a dope idea. If you lack the I.Q. to choose the appropriate public toilet, this product is a must-have. Just two things, though. Why in the name of God was the poop smeared? I mean, who (other than Mr. Trash, a cat, and a pug) was in there doing that, and where was her chaperone? Second, I feel really disappointed by the citizens at the end of the commercial. The first lady obviously needs Potty Pax because she doesn’t know to stay out of public bathrooms, but the other lady just leaves hers in the car (which makes me wonder a) does she know what Potty Pax is for?, b) does she know what the car is for?), and those damn kids are just being cynical smartasses like some other people that I know. . .

  16. Potty Pax even comes with a convenient and discreet carrying case that you just throw to the ground BECAUSE YOU NEED TO SHIT SO BAAADDD!!!OMFFLFLFLG!!

  17. Is it weird that this is the advert my computer displays when I’m looking at this story?

  18. So you burn these after you use them right?

    Or do you set your washing machine on fire after using it to clean a stranger’s poo off this fecal magnet?

  19. I wish there was a button to like EVERY SINGLE COMMENT AT THE SAME TIME! You are all lovely and brilliant and hilarious!

    Speaking of trying to clean this thing, I’ll bet those non-resistant skid pads (which I can assume are some sort of felt or velcro material with various nooks and crannies) don’t get poop smeared in them at all. Nope. Why would they? Besides, with a little elbow grease (and gallons of bleach and a blowtorch and the stuff they use to dissolve bodies in Breaking Bad) this thing will be good as new.

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