When you’re out there on those mean streets, you gotta get yours, kid. You know what I mean? It’s hard out there for a shrimp. This is a dog eat dog world we live in, and its cutthroat, and other expressions about how dangerous and scary it is. So, OK, maybe you realize it’s desperate times and if you don’t shake things up, something bad might happen. And, OK, maybe the best you can come up with is running in traffic and then waiting for a car to slow down just long enough that you can safely collapse onto its hood and make it look like the driver hit you. There will probably be a couple witnesses, which is good, and then I guess, the insurance company pays you for injuries you haven’t sustained? Obviously we haven’t figured out the actual monetization of this Ocean’s 14-caliber scheme, but sometimes you just have to get started on something and not worry about where the chips shake out. So get out there! Run and jump and crash and roll! Cash in your pocket, baby! Just whatever you do try not to jump onto the hood of a cop car with a dashboard videocamera running because that seems like kind of a bust, right? Right.

Yoops! Rome wasn’t robbed in a day! If at first you don’t pull off a successful fake traffic accident scam, fly onto the hood fly onto the hood again. (Via WorldsBestEver.)

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  1. Did he say yes????

  2. I am going to have to start picking out white dresses, because this is LOVE.

  3. Is this a cop car? I heard somewhere that a lot of cars have dashboard cams installed in former Soviet bloc countries to get cheaper insurance rates because scams like this are so popular there.

  4. This is the new marriage proposal: your wife is driving home and you jump out in front of her and she mauls you with her car, totally staged on your part – of course – and she screams, calls 911 and then when the paramedics come and haul your bleeding corpse away, the wife will notice the stop sign at that intersection with a graffiti’d note saying: “STOP: Will you marry me?” And she realizes the whole thing was a set-up and she says yes to your dead and rotten body, which will soon be harvested for organs and cremated because you nor your fiance can afford a casket and she files for bankruptcy. And yadda yadda.

    That’s how you think things through.

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