• Since today must be the first day back to school for some of you, here is a supercut of the first day of school from numerous TV shows. How many of them can you name right away? An unsettling amount? -Flavorwire
  • The third Hobbit film set its release date. Check it out and then figure out how old you’ll be once it’s been released. Is the answer “so f’ing old I cannot even believe it oh my god and it’s not even that far away”? If not, you did your math wrong!-THR
  • Hey, so, this is a weird thing. In this promo for the DNC, Barack Obama calls Kal Penn (who is going to be hosting the coverage of the event), and then Kal Penn is super stoned. Whuuut? #420 -BuzzFeed
  • BIG NEWS! Just last week Kim Kardashian announced that she would be the first reality TV star to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and today it was announced that nah uh, no she wouldn’t, no one ever would. Oh noooo! -People
  • The Oogieloves, the children’s movie that no one ever heard about until last Friday, had the worst opening weekend of all time. OF ALL TIME! Those poor babies! -FilmDrunk
  • SlashFilm has gathered up news about superhero movies from all around the web, and some of the news is a spoiler about Iron Man 3. WANT TO SEE? You can close your eyes for the spoiler, unless you want your life ruined. -SlashFilm
  • I’m not sure why people ever try to predict how a series will end because I think everyone should just relax and let themselves be entertained, but in case you want to speculate about how Breaking Bad will finish, which I’m sure at least MANY of you do, here are some others who want to do that too! -TheWeek
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  1. I’m really disappointed by the lack of Gilmore Girls in that “first day of school” supercut.

  2. Kelly, did you see the Oogieloves? You love babies!

  3. I will be 32 when the third (STILL ANGRY TO BE HONEST THERE IS NO NEED FOR THREE MOVIES ARGLBARGLERABBLERABBLERABBLE) Hobbit movie comes out, which by my calculations is 224 in Internet Years.

    • I’ll be 31. Serious question though, the first one still hasn’t come out right? So how can we have a third by 2014? Why on Middle Earth would they squish them all together? Seems like you’d make much less money that way. You have to let people squirm a bit before you give them more of what they want, no?

      • Why do they need three? I feel like two would suffice.

      • I suspect that the filming is done, largely. It’s just finangaling what will go where between the second and third movie (I imagine that the first is largely done as the release date is in the near future). I can theoretically see the Hobbit being enough for three movies, but it seems unnecessary and I fear there will be tons of bloat and padding. YOU CAN CUT STUFF PETER JACKSON. IF YOU CAN CUT TOM BOMBADIL FROM LOTR, YOU CAN FIND STUFF TO CUT HERE.

        That said, I am looking forward to it, as I am such a nerd. But Lee Pace shall be the Elf King! Everyone loves Lee Pace! EVERYONE.

        (I hope the entire third movie is just Lee Pace and Smauglock hanging out, being rad, with Bilbo)

  4. Yeah, suck it, Kim Kardashian!

  5. the Oogieloves is out already?! I was waiting til Oogust!!

  6. On a sadder note, this labor day weekend, heaven just got a little more Michael Clarke Duncan :’(

  7. Me: “The Oogieloves! I remember them!” What I was actually remembering: The Bugaloos.

    Has anyone seen my dementia pills?

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