Look, it’s not like we don’t recognize that the site has been pretty politics-heavy today. We totally recognize that. But that’s what’s going on! Labor Day is now ended and we are all back at our desks, and the general election for president of the United States is just a couple of months away, and everyone is losing their minds. Or, at the very least, everyone is talking about this as opposed to filming themselves jumping on a trampoline with their shirt pulled up over their face so that they cannot even see the edge of the trampoline or the relationship of their face to the ground. It’s just politics politics politics. Snooze snooze snooze. And yet, as Donald Rumsfeld once famously said, “We go to blog with the posts we have, not the posts we want. Also I am a war criminal!” And so here we are. Tanned and rested and already exhausted by the video we haven’t even watched yet of Victoria Jackson playing a song called “There’s A Communist in the White House” on her ukelele.

I obviously don’t really understand how the electoral college works, but can we vote her off the island in November? (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. Oh for fuck’s sake.

  2. “why dont poor people just buy more money?” – mitt romney

  3. Surprisingly, the biggest lie in the video is “my husband really misses me.”

  4. “Thanks for making a worse ukulele song than ours” – Train

    “Shut up, Train. Yours is still worse.” – Me

  5. Gabe, I heart you in ways that are totally legal for a man to hear another man in all 50 states. HOWEVER, I find it very strange that you posted about Russell Crowe, and then took down that post and put one up complaining about how there’s nothing to post but politics today. Just sayin’.

  6. The chorus is pretty catchy, but the rap at the end totally sucks.

  7. This woman is worse than a fucking Kardashian.

  8. Did everyone get to read that banana pants piece on Victoria Jackson’s life that was in the Village Voice in January? If not, go. Just, go do it.

  9. Can we have more SNL cast-off give me their opinions on politics? Ellen Cleghorne should deliver the keynote speech at the DNC.

  10. If there really were a communist living in the White House, I’m pretty sure the Secret Service would know by now.

  11. whoa, wasn’t aware that dennis kucinich IS frederick engels.

  12. Two videos in a row today proving that Republican “celebrities” don’t know the difference between communism and socialism!

  13. Man, Amanda Palmer looks different.

  14. fingers crossed she is an Andy Kaufman-level genius and we just don’t get the joke.

  15. There is not enough gin in the multiverse to make this tolerable.

  16. i know that this is a common complaint, but i just DO NOT UNDERSTAND republican women, minorities, and queer folk. i just don’t get it. has everyone read “the handmaid’s tale”? it’s a. GREAT and b. set in a future america where a very repressive regime that is pretty shitty to women has taken over. and there is a passing moment where the narrator talks about how a woman she knows used to be a great big televangelist who would always talk about how a woman’s place should be at home is turned into a chattel slave like every other lady once the new regime takes over, and how she seems mad that someone “took her at her word”. and that’s all i can think about when i see people like this. begging to be repressed by rich white males while not being a rich white male is the WEIRDEST political identity i can fathom. though i guess it makes more sense when you think about the religious overtones present in the whole mess.

  17. i’m currently uploading my latest song “there is a nutcase on YouTube” it should be there any minute.

  18. also, last night i was watching super 8 for some stupid reason (actually, i didn’t even finish it because it was irking me too much), and there is point where a town hall occurs and some lady stands up and complains about how the invisible space monsters or whatever the fuck they were stole 20 microwaves from her store’s inventory, and she was like “THIS FEELS LIKE A SOVIET INVASION” because yes that is what a violent invasion of the US would look like, stolen microwaves, and sadly it didn’t seem like a joke, it seemed like the actual herp-a-derp mouthbreathing that is trying to pass itself off as legitimate political debate in this stupid stupid country.

  19. YOU don’t read history Victoria Jackson. YOU don’t! YOU.
    God dammit

  20. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but this really just led me to wonder what GE Smith is up to these days.

  21. “Victoria Jackson? I thought she had a pretty good gig. I just have a particular repulsion to grown women who talk like little girls. It’s like, ‘You’re a grown woman! Use your lower register!’ And she’s a born-again Christian. I don’t know. She was like from Mars to me. I never really got her.” — Jan Hooks <3

  22. “Fear always springs from ignorance.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  23. …a nut trying to be nutty.

  24. I feel like I just watched a Muppet video, of an ugly Miss Piggy knockoff singing sensationalist bullshit.

  25. She doesn’t actually name the Communist in question…. so am I to believe there is some Marxist professor hiding in the rafters of the oval office?

  26. I have no earthly idea why I paused my Golden Girls DVD to watch this (it’s the episode where they win $10,000 on a lottery ticket but end up giving the ticket away by mistake), but here we are. If this was the ONLY thing I have seen of Victoria Jackson since “Celebrity” Fit Club, I would think this was a joke. Like, I know it’s a joke, but I mean an intentional joke. Maybe she’s just trolling everyone? Can I pretend that she’s doing some Andy Kaufman-esque, Borat-ish shtick and that she isn’t really insane?

    I don’t know, the way she delivers some of the lines makes them sound sarcastic and actually just funny (like when she tries to give evidence of Obama’s communism, or says that Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee, and Sean Hannity are the only ones who believe her. Particularly the latter just seems like a real joke.

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