It’s September now. Summer is coming to a close, but fall and the happy part of winter are right around the corner. We’re back at work from a long holiday weekend, but now there are only four days in our workweek, and if we think if today as Monday it’s almost as if we have Friday off of work? Which will certainly cause problems when we have to “go to work” on “Sunday,” but in the immediate it will feel quite nice. Some of us may even be headed back to school today, saying goodbye to the freedom of working a few days a week at the ice cream shop and being able to buy the kind of clothes we like, or maybe saying goodbye to a summer internship that was soooooo much better than school you have no idea, but also those of you to whom this applies probably got to buy some new school supplies! You love school supplies. And think of the potential friends and more-than-friends you may meet in all your new classes, and also you’ve wanted to take “Memezone: A Study In Laughter” since you heard about it during orientation, so it’s not all Bad. Certainly this morning, of all mornings, is a morning of conflicting feelings. This baby knows what we’re talking about.

Tell us about it, baby. We just don’t know how to feel. (Via HuffingtonPost.)

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  1. i just spent seven days without power in 90 degree heat due to hurricane isaac, and now i’m a week behind at my job but somehow excited to be here because it means i am not sitting on a porch drinking warm beer and watching the national guard drive down my street. worst vacation ever.

  2. Pretty sure that’s just one long emotion. The “I’m pooping” emotion.

  3. What happened to that ‘no more baby videos’ thing that we were kicking around?

  4. I’m not conflicted at all. My plan for the entire weekend was the Rockabilly Festival, but it was kind of disappointing this year so I just went on Saturday because it’s expensive and then did chores Sunday and Monday but the paint that I bought to cover up the new plaster where repairs were done is the wrong colour by a shade and eggshell rather than semi-gloss, so I’ve been waiting anxiously for today when stores are open again and I can finally get the right paint. #yolo #oldpeopleproblems

    • But also not anxious for today because today is the day the PQ get elected and my province will soon be run by a xenophobic separatist nightmare woman. Alright baby, you win this round. I am conflicted after all.

      • By “PQ,” do you mean Police Quest? Because that game was rad.

        • Yes. We are voting the video game Police Quest into office today and I think it will do a poor job of running the economy. I also think it treats immigrants and religious minorities unfairy.

          • Well, the 2nd installment DID have an Italian police officer who spoke with a stereotyped accent like-a Mario, so you may be onto something.

          • Don’t tell me, it’s the one written by Daryl Gates, isn’t it? “Police Quest: SWAT”

          • Unusually for me, I have paid basically no attention to Quebec politics during this election, but as far as I can tell you’re sort of effed no matter who wins. Aren’t they all doofs?

          • Gobblegirl, they are all pretty bad. There really isn’t a party to vote for, but the Parti Quebecois (leading in polls) is definitenly a party to NOT vote for. They want to call another referendum pretty much as soon as they’re in office, which will scare away all the jobs not already chased out by their increasing corporate tax to pay for the billion dollar increase in spending they plan while the province is on the cusp of bankruptcy. The leader of the PQ has said that multiculturalism is not a Quebec value, wants to ban outward religious symbols such as the hijab and kirpan, BUT christian/catholic symbols are a-ok because they represent Quebec’s heritage. She wants to place language-based restrictions on democratic participation which will block First Nations (who mostly speak English and their ancestral language only) from running for any public office or challenging legislation, she wants to stop immigrants and francophones from sending their kids to English schools (though being bilingual gives a huge advantage for jobseekers) and she wants to force all businesses with more than 11 employees to speak French in the workplace, although English is the preferred language of business.

          • She’s worse than I thought! Cross out doof, replace with douche.

  5. This baby’s all like, “no sand!”

  6. THIS BABY just showed more emotion IN A MINUTE than Romney has IN THE PAST year of campaigning!


    Yeah. This is GONNA BE a good week, y’all.

  7. I am pretty much on board with everything this baby stands for (presuming this baby stands for emotional fluctuations between annoyance, joy, anxiety, sleepiness (that is an emotion, right), and a vague yet persistent fear that he forgot to lock the front door on his way to work this morning). Baby, I like the cut of your jib.

  8. For those of us who don’t have children and are not in school, summer is not over! And the beaches will be empty!

    And also, not to brag: but I don’t have a full work-week for the next month. Thank you random vacation days.

  9. Is this baby also conflicted because its work schedule now returns to 9-5, instead of the summer hours (9-6) which is really exciting but also really horrible because now it doesn’t get every other Friday off?

    …no? Just me? Great. Happy fall everyone! Is it too early to be thinking about Halloween costumes?

  10. My work headphones broke. Now I have to actually hear my coworkers. It’s a sad day.

    • I was cutting flowers this weekend and cut off my ear buds.

      • Oh no! Glad you missed your ears!

        • Hahaha, thanks!

          I was cutting long stalks of lavender and the wires got into the cutting range. Thankfully, when I went to buy new ones, they were on sale and I definitely foraged way more than $23 worth of lavender stalks between this weekend and the last one. And now my house smells great!

          Plus: SPIDERS HATE LAVENDER. All my neighbors have been complaining about the spiders and I haven’t had a problem other than the ones that came up through my bathroom drain because I’ve been putting the flowers in the window sills and around my doors. And ants really hate cinnamon.

          So, it was worth it. Stupid and silly, but worth it. Lavender is crazy

  11. I walked in this morning, seeing a soaked ceiling tile on the floor, and I think I gave all the same expressions as this baby. You see, my office (and no one else’s) suffered some water damage from last Wedsneday’s sudden downpour. There was so much water in my ceiling. Gallons, right above my head. The rest of it got sucked up this morning thankfully, after a neighboring ceiling tile was smushed into oblivion.

    Is there a way to Groundhog Day my Labor Day weekend?

  12. Guys, don’t let this charming baby fool you. He may not look it, but he’s a lot of work. And a very expensive hobby. Now bring him over here so I can give him some kisses.

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