Last night, Clint Eastwood was the surprise guest speaker at the Republican National Convention and spent his time making everybody uncomfortable and interviewing the shit out of some unqualified chair. The best. Our generation’s Norm Macdonald.

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  1. “Surprise guest speaker” means he got confused looking for the nearest Luby’s and wandered onto the stage.

  2. Yeah, let’s not make fun of the elderly and demented. #rude.

  3. President Obama is this generations Prophet Elijah.

  4. You know who loved that speech? These kids’ parents –

  5. I want to say that of all the sites that are surely discussing the odd Clint Eastwood speech from last night, I already know that Videogum is the place where it will be done with the most humor, and with the fewest bad grammar-filled rants about how the “socialist marxist kenyan is trying to ban the constitution.”

    Thank you in advance for that!

  6. The very good and normal speech sadly lost all credibility when it was revealed that the chair HAD, in fact, run a lemonade stand.

  7. BNPG: Clint Eastwood Chair Movies

    I’m a gruff boxing coach chair but I’ll eventually grow to take a liking to you even though you’re a female chair who wants to box

  8. i got home last night and saw the field day MSNBC was having with this and just watched it and once again, people are making a big deal out of nothing. the only real shock is that he somehow was able to find a routine that was older than he is.

  9. Do you think someone was supposed to CGI something onto the chair and they forgot?

  10. The day I realized that I had a crush on the man with no name, and not actually on Clint Eastwood, made it a lot easier to separate my deep, deep love from racist nonsense like Grand Torino and staunch republicanism.

  11. Clint Eastwood is the last great entertainer of Gabe’s generation.

  12. This:

    Ben Linus talked to an empty chair once, too. (@DamonLindelof)

  13. That’s your Grandad.

  14. Based on this, I’m guessing that Clint Eastwood was the head writer of the last 15 Academy Awards…

  15. Boy, that Norm MacDonald thread was like an entirely different Videogum. There were actually people with different opinions. And they were downvoted for disagreeing. Is this why there isn’t much variety of opinion around here anymore?

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