For the past few weeks it has seemed like every “This Week In Movie Trailers” has been really packed full of somewhere around one hundred of movie trailers. Every week! Unfortunately there’s no way to check whether or not this is accurate, but one thing I can tell you is that this week we only have five trailers. Phew. Thank goodness. Also, as you can see, one of them has Aubrey Plaza in it! Ah, you love her! So, good, great, let’s get to them.

The To-Do List

I don’t think this movie looks very good, unfortunately, which might be totally the fault of this teaser trailer because this is not a good teaser trailer!, but at the same time this is probably a movie that I will see at some point when it is out. Maybe when it is On Demand? Maybe even in the theater, to be honest. Who knows. Sometimes you just want to see a movie. But if it turns out to be heavily like, “It’s like a raunchy high school boy comedy where a boy wants to have sex, except it’s a GIRL!” — that’s going to be even more disappointing. We’ll see.

The Company You Keep

“There’s a way to wear glasses like Harold and Kumar, and then there’s a way to WEAR GLASSES.” – Shia LaBeouf. LOLOLOL. Shia LaBeouf could not see a thing during the filming of this movie, I bet. “Me and the journalist character have different prescriptions, unfortunately.” That guy. What an actor! But yes, sure. Looks very thrilling. Not for me, to be honest, but certainly fine enough. Everybody looks good in it. Carry on.

The Sapphires

I liked that! Chris O’Dowd is great. Music is great. Things inspired by real stories can be great. So, sure!


What? Yes. Certainly yes, I think, but also: What?

The Iceman

The best trailer featuring Winona Ryder and James Franco since the incredible The Letter trailer from two weeks ago. Man, remember that trailer? So good. This one also looks good! It is based on Anthony Bruno’s book The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer and Michael Shannon is pretty great and everyone else in the world is in it and it looks good. Would see.

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  1. The Sapphires: Based on the novel Precious by Push.

  2. If Redford is doing a movie about the Weather Underground, it will at least not serve as anti-protesting hippie propaganda. It might be good, but it might be formulaic and lame. However, the government tracking down anti-war protestors when they are in their 60s and 70s is a real thing that’s super shady. So I’m definitely intrigued. Incident at Oglala is respectful and decent so I’m curious what he will do with this.

  3. I was sure it was Beans who would be the breakout star from Even Stevens but all he’s done is randomly shown up on Eagleheart

  4. I hope I can at least get The Sapphires on demand. It looks so good! We never get stuff like this in the theaters around here unfortunately.

  5. I’m all for more leading roles for women in comedies, but doesn’t being a girl who looks like Aubrey Plaza and can pretty much hook up any kind of sexual experimentation she wants on demand seems like a not-very-relatable high school movie plot compared to most of the Apatow films?

    I realize I am biased when it comes to relatability for her character because I am a dude, but “Let’s all pledge to get laid by prom!” plots only work because it’s pretty difficult for boys of that age to pull that together, it seems like the same-movie-but-starring-a-pretty-girl angle would be asking a lot in the suspension of disbelief department.

    • The casting of pretty people as unattractive is one of my biggest pet peeves. I never understood why 30 Rock insists on always making Liz Lemon out to be undesirable. She’s Tina Fey!

      • yes, she is pretty…but also quite awkward, demanding, constantly remarking on her more or less asexuality and fear of intimacy or affection of any kind, always at work to the detriment of any sort of personal life….i could go on. granted those very human faults are hilariously depicted, but goddammit if anyone would ever put up with all of them in real life.

      • That’s true for most sitcom characters, but I’m talking specifically about looks. She’s always portrayed as being physically unappealing, which doesn’t make any sort of sense.

      • That always bugs me as well, especially when they repeatedly mention her being fat or not going to the gym or eating “all the food.” She’s already got skinny-person neck tendons sticking out all over the place, for chrissakes!

    • from what i’ve heard, this is a more thoughtful look at female sexuality, but since there are funny people in it that have been in Apatow films and the like, they are playing up the raunch to get people in the seats.

      and although she is quite attractive, Aubrey Plaza isn’t what many [awful] people would call “conventionally pretty.” sure, she could easily “get anything she wanted” but I doubt she’d pass the usual standards for being a movie star, in which a hypothetical studio executive calls in his underlings to look at a picture of her and polls them with the question, “Would you fuck her?”

      then again, the old “she could get any guy she wanted” argument is kind of sexist and reductive, and definitely not what the movie is about, but rather a person who feels sheltered and inexperienced examining her sexuality and the thrill of doing certain acts…..i think.

      i just believe in giving things the benefit of the doubt, rather than jumping to easy conclusions based on 45 seconds of footage, but that’s just me.

      • True, as Kelly noted in the post, it could just be a misrepresentative teaser trailer (which is pretty likely, given that almost all teaser trailers are). I was more just remarking on the high-level concept of her making the list, which is in the title of the movie, after all.

      • It might be really good, I was just going off of the trailer above, though as Kelly said there’s a pretty good chance that the trailer is not very representative of the movie. I’m sure “the list” she makes is just the jumping off point of the film and that (hopefully) the entire thing doesn’t actually revolve around “will she or won’t she be able to tick off all the boxes?” as the trailer implies.

        Most of these sorts of movies are pretty awful (here’s looking at you, American Pie), so it’s not as though it has a particularly high bar to clear.

    • Are you kidding? As much as the glasses and ponytail joke makeover is a trope, there is a ton of truth to that at a young age. Depending on where she is socially and with whom she wants to try her list, her looks barely matter. High school guys are so afraid of girls, especially the ones that are acting like women who are at least 25. (Based on my experience growing up in suburban Wisconsin in the cesspool of archaic thinking that brought you nightmares like Scott Walker and to some extent the GOP nomination for Vice President.) The virgin/whore mentality is pretty intense and if a presumedly nice girl wanted to knock things off her graduation sex bucket list, it wouldn’t be as easy as you would think. Plus Apatow’s characters are the fucking worst.

      • To clarify: His movie characters are the worst. I rather enjoyed the Ben Stiller Show, Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared. I laughed this morning at the Charles Manson advice segment that starred one Bob Odenkirk.

      • I am also from suburban Wisconsin (Paul Ryan’s hometown, in fact, though I’m very much left wing) and I can see your point with the virgin/whore thing. I guess I just didn’t see any implication of that in the teaser, although as Kelly said there’s a pretty good chance that it’s not really that representative of the actual movie.

        However, I think you’ve gotta admit that if a girl who looked like Aubrey Plaza were to hand her list to that stupid guitar-playing frat dude in the trailer and say “Want to do these things with me?” it would be a pretty short movie, whereas that would probably not work with the genders reversed.

        I knew I was going to get into some trouble from my original comment, but what I mostly meant was just that this movie seems like it’s going to have an uphill battle to get people to identify with the protagonist. It very well might be awesome, I have no idea. Also, most high-school “will the dude get laid” movies are pretty shitty, so it’s not like it has an exceptionally high bar to clear.

      • I’m also an incredibly frustrated liberal from Wisconsin (Paul Ryan’s home town, in fact). I knew I’d catch some heat from my initial comment, but mostly what I meant was that it seems like this movie is gonna have an uphill battle in getting people to relate to the protagonist.

        I agree with you on the virgin/whore thing, and it’s not as though she can pass out her list at school without fear of being ostracized, but I don’t think she’d have much trouble convincing that stupid looking guitar playing frat dude to let her give him a handjob or whatever.

        • I’m sorry dude. At least it sounds like he is not very well liked in his hometown. The suburb where I’m from in Sensenbrenner country seems to be the one primarily bankrolling him left and right (when he’s not directly getting Koch cash) — I mean, SERIOUSLY, why are all his press releases and “homecoming rallies” coming out of Brookfield and Elm Grove and general Waukesha County? My family got out, but hot damn if I don’t get honestly terrified when I see pro-Ryan posts from the idiots from my high school and general area.

          And back to Ms. Plaza, well DUH on guitarists. They’re notorious whores.

          • Yeah, Janesville (and Rock County) went for Barrett in the recall as well. Wealthy racists in gentrified rural areas are fouling everything up for everyone.

  6. there’s this snl spoof-commercial for bosley hair restoration where they use folicles from the swimsuit-area. that’s what i thought of when i saw shia labeouf’s hair in that trailer

  7. Okay, The Iceman looks very good, BUT. Filmmakers. You do not–YOU DO NOT–cast Chris Evans in a movie and then make him look like that. No. NO. I don’t care if he’s playing a real person and that’s what the real person looks like–that real person is just going to have to be hot now. Even if Chris Evans himself is like, “But wait, I want to do a good job so maybe I should look like the person I’m playing?” you say “Shhhh. Shush now. Making an effort is for ugly people.”

  8. I didn’t realize the Ice Man killed so many people

  9. Lot of murdering in those last two. Creepy.

  10. that to-do list trailer looks super shitty for a movie i was already probably gonna see

  11. I dont think Whynoneya was acting crazy in that scene….she was just being herself…..Crazy Eyes…

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