As we sit here this afternoon, in our offices or our bedrooms or our living rooms or our cubicles, we teeter on the edge of summer. This weekend will bring with it Labor Day, and with that it will take away any immediate future opportunities for going to the beach, swimming in a pool outside, drinking a drink on a roof as the sun sets, wearing shorts, buying cool sunglasses, being uncomfortably warm, and everything else we’ve grown so fond of over the past few months. What a bummer. (Kind of.) (Certainly everyone agrees that fall and spring are the best seasons, but do those even exist anymore?) (They don’t exist enough, at least!) (So here we are.) Goodbye, summer. Maybe we will see you again next year, unless the world ends before then. To celebrate your waning, let’s play a party game! Huh?? Sounds good 2 me. End of summer movies. I’ll go first.

  • Back to the Future When You Go to School
  • 0 Days Of Summer Left
  • The Ending Story
  • The Last Days of Disco And Also Summer
  • The Long Goodbye

I betcha can’t beat those! Just kidding! They were all pretty bad, I bet you will do much better! (Clock on the beach image via Shutterstock.)

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  1. The Importance of Being Summer

  2. Fall-e

  3. The Sun Also Rises a Little Later Now

  4. The Fall?

  5. Take the Air Conditioner Out of the Rear Window

  6. Annie Fall

  7. Some Like it Less Hot

  8. The Day After Tomorrow is Labour Day

  9. Sunset Earlier Boulevard

  10. Ephemeral Sunshine of the Grassless Lawn

  11. Dr. No More BBQs

  12. The Last Air Conditioner

  13. We Need To Talk About Autumn

  14. In-Da-LongPants-dence Day

  15. A Farewell to (bare) Arms

  16. Premium Rush For Clearance Deals On This Year’s Summer Trends

  17. National Lampoon’s Vacation is Over

  18. Daylight Savings Private Ryan

  19. Leaves in Las Vegas are changing

  20. Requiem for a Dream Celeb Bikini Body Ad

  21. Robin Hood: Prince of Leaves

  22. The Two Towers anniversary

  23. Not Quite as Hot Fuzz

  24. My (Bing) Summer of Dong (Is Over)

  25. Dawn of the Dead Leaves

  26. (Getting on an) Airplane! (and leaving town)

    (Seriously I am at the airport)

  27. Schindler’s List of Chores to Winterize the Cottage

  28. Back To Cool starring Old Navy, J.C. Penny and other places your mom takes you before school starts.

  29. Legends of the Fall

  30. Autumn’s Bone

  31. (500) Days of Summer Are Finally Over

  32. The Dark Knight Before School

  33. Back to School Runnings

  34. Equinoxilibrium

  35. A Lazy River Runs Through It

  36. Fall Metal Jacket

  37. Summergeist.

  38. The Thin Red Tanline

  39. I couldn’t (okay, wouldn’t) think of anything so instead I’m going to make an inappropriate rap about that clock on the beach:

    Yo. Yo.
    It’s a CLOCK It’s a CLOCK
    It’s a clock, yo, SHIT
    It’s just a muthafuckin clock
    In the muthafuckin sand
    There’s a seashell next to it
    It’s a CLOCK It’s a CLOCK
    Muthafucka, muthfucka
    go suck on that

    Thank you.

    • Wait, wait:

      A Clockwork Beach

      NO WAIT:

      Super-Toys Last All Summer Long, Then Break in the Fall, Because They’re Actually Terrible Toys

      YAH, But AW, the movie that was adapted to was called “AI”

      See, I couldn’t AND wouldn’t, but then I did, and oops. Sorry, everybody. Sorry forever.

  40. Almost Fallmous

  41. The Dark Knight Rises To Put On a Coat

  42. Independence Day (Was Two Months Ago)

  43. Wet Cold American Autumn

  44. Extremely Fall and incredibly close

  45. August Hush

  46. Hope Falls

    The Odd Life of Timothy Orange-Red-Yellow-Brown (what’s with all the hyphenated surnames these days?)

  47. Wet Hot American First Few Weeks of School Until Autumn Actually Starts

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