If you aren’t aware, the pilot episode for Ryan Murphy’s new NBC comedy that a few people are super upset about, The New Normal, is currently available to watch on Hulu. Great! It’s been available since yesterday. Soooo. Have you watched it? If you haven’t, I have to tell you that there is absolutely nothing else going on on the Internet today, so you might as well go and take 25 minutes and watch it and then come back here and talk about it with those of us who watched it twice yesterday kind of by accident, because ZZZZZzZzzzzZz. I think it looks promising! The pilot wasn’t super funny, and I don’t really ever expect it to GET super funny, but it was sweet and nice and not horribly unfunny, so that’s probably enough. Right? That sounds defeated, but I mean it genuinely! (Genuinely very defeated.) Sometimes its enough for things to just be lightly enjoyable. Haha. ARE YOU SOLD YET? Plus Andrew Rannells is the best and I will probably love anything he ever does, so it has that going for it for sure. Also Justin Bartha was fun to watch, and fake Little Miss Sunshine girl was cute, and blonde girl is good at seeming super sweet, and the grandmother is basically just a more racist and not as funny version of Lucille from Arrested Development, which is fine. What did you think? Have you watched it yet? Go watch it, tell me what you think. It’s always hard to tell how a show is actually going to be from the pilot episode, but from this pilot I will at least watch the second episode. So. What do you think???????

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  1. i haven’t seen it, but that i’m sure it’s garbage, because Ryan Murphy. i feel i have a right to pass judgement on it without seeing it, being as everyone else already has.

  2. It’s almost exactly Glee but without the singing and about other stuff.

    That said, I think there’s something important about the idea that Ann Fucking Romney said that she loves Modern Family all while so many Republicans including her husband want to limit gay marriage. It’s this sort of narrative that’s going around where people say things like, “I love gays, I’m just for traditional marriage” which loosely translates to “I think gays are really funny to laugh at, and they definitely don’t deserve the same rights as heterosexuals.”

    There’s this cultural idea that society will be more in favor of something (or more accepting of something) once they’ve seen it in the media a lot more, so I guess the more we have a happy, healthy gay couple raising children on television, maybe the fewer assholes who are against gay rights will keep their mouth shut. Also, maybe there will be fewer assholes who are against gay rights.

  3. I think I’ll stick with the other “New” show that uses a yellow background on its promo pictures.

  4. gay middlebrow

  5. NBC didn’t do this show any favors with the terrible commercials during the Olympics, so I’m already inclined to think it will be terrible. BUT… confession time: I watched the pilot for Go On twice because it was really touching and I’m sad all the time anyhow so it really spoke to me and I’m embarrassed but I actually liked it! GO ON, can you imagine?!

    • I like Go On too! I mean, it is in a way developed to be Community Light but Community is great, so Community Light will be enjoyable. Plus the support group is pretty stacked with comedy heavyweights so it has potential there. Brett Gelman and Seth Morris on the same show alone is a recipe for a good future. (That animal show can bite me though. Sorry Weeds.)

      • The thing about the animal show is that the Russo brothers are executive producers. So maybe it might be not terrible? I haven’t actually seen any of the promos, but I do love me some Justin Kirk.

      • I didn’t see the animal show yet but the idea of a monkey dressed up as a doctor is so appealing to me. I love monkeys in people clothes. Great point on Community Light, that totally escaped me.

        • I watched animal show pilot when they put it in the middle of the closing ceremonies, and the monkey was great as well as all the dogs but the plot was kid of dumb romantic comedy nonsense. Maybe once they get picked up they will chuck the goopy stuff, which I hope because I will always campaign for more monkeys on TV.

  6. “Sometimes its enough for things to just be lightly enjoyable.” Sounds like we’ve got another Up All Night on our hands here.

  7. ugh, fake-little-miss-sunshine is so frigging cute, i can’t even stand it (no pedo). the show was… fine. it was enjoyable! it wasn’t particularly funny, but it WAS very, very sweet (if a LITTLE too preachy). i will probably keep watching it out of million moms spite. i can’t stand that real housewife of atlanta(?), though. it’s real housewives of atlanta, not real actorwives of legitimatetelevision. stop being in things!

  8. I think I’ve said my peace on this a few times on here. But Justin Bartha’s in it so…I may just edit out everyone else’s scenes.

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    sunshine is so frigging cute, i can’t even stand it (no pedo). the show was… fine. it was enjoyable! it wasn’t particularly funny, but it WAS very, very sweet (if a LITTLE too preachy). i will probably keep watch

  10. ive had a crush on justin bartha since gigli.

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