If you don’t love this video, you are a legitimate monster. Ok break over, back to work! Gotta eat those peas! (Via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. i fell for it again! THESE AREN”T THE WONDER TWINS AS BABIES! this isn’t baby justice league either! STOP GETTING MY HOPES UP

  2. Oh man that is the cutest thing. I was terrified that I would not love this video, but it turns out that was a needless fear because this is the best ever.

  3. They lyrics I started singing to myself while watching this:

    “Ba-bies dan-cing-in-high-chairs. Sometimes-they’re-eating-peas. [Repeat]“

  4. Babies > Spiders

  5. This doesn’t get the “Cute as Balls” tag? A rare miss, Kelly.

  6. Oh my gosh.

  7. not doing it for me. i think i might be dead inside.

  8. I love those babies. I hope their lives turn out great and they don’t do drugs or fall in with the wrong crowd and someday maybe they can be doctors or scientists or whatever makes them happy, really.

  9. Aaaaah, when they both look at each other and smile, that is the best! I don’t even like most baby videos but since I am a twin I am in love with this one.

  10. SOMEONE GIVE ME A BABY! (That I can promptly give back after I get done playing.)

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