• Which meth dealer would you be? Hmm? Answer the question. Which one? The link here has some GIFs to help you choose which one, but it seems like it shouldn’t be that hard of a question. So. Which one would you be? I’d be in the one in jail, sleeping. -PopCultureBrain
  • You can watch the pilot episode of The New Normal on NBC’s website now! I watched it. I kind of liked it! It wasn’t very funny but it was pretty sweet, which was kind of enough. So. We’ll see how it goes. First you watch this one, and then we’ll see how it goes. -NBC
  • Here is an interview with the writers/directors of the upcoming Ouija board movie, AKA the most anticipated movie of 2013. I really cannot wait. Gonna be great. -ShockTillYouDrop
  • The first few hosts of the new season of Saturday Night Live were announced today, and the premiere is going to be hosted by Seth MacFarlane. Yuck! Yuck, gross, boo. It’s fine and who cares, but also yuck. -TVLine
  • In preparation for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of The Avengers, deleted scenes and bloopers reels at etc. have been trickling onto the Internet, and today we have a clip that would’ve completely changed the introduction of Captain America. Wowowowowow! Don’t have a heart attack and die, but check it out! SlashFilm
  • So I guess Eddie Murphy is currently shopping around a Beverly Hills Cop TV series? And Eddie Murphy would also be in the pilot and a few episodes throughout the first season. Sure! Sure why not. -FilmDrunk
  • Oh, good news! FX just picked up 90 episodes of the groundbreaking FX comedy Anger Management. How happy are you right now? I’m certainly very happy FOR you. -WarmingGlow
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  1. I refuse to watch the pilot for The New Normal. I’m taking a cue from our friends, the Mormons in Salt Lake City, and not supporting anything that redefines traditional marriage.

  2. I watched the new normal pilot too and I agree – not very funny but sweet. IT was very stereotypical. Queeny gay: check. Regular more “masculine” of the gay couple: check. Sassy black friend/magical negro slot: check. Damsel in distress/sister role: check. Ridiculous over the top mother role/conservative angle to make fun of: check. Smart nerdy child/comic relief: check.

  3. Ryan Gosling is writing a movie called “How to Catch a Monster.” I would like to state for the record that we ain’t playing hard to get, Ry, come and get us, we’re right here!

  4. Seth MacFarlane was on an episode of Gilmore Girls.

  5. Noooo the Captain America clip has already been removed. I’ll have that heart attack and die now because I can never watch it (unless I wait for the Blu-ray I already pre-ordered to be released which I mean, sounds sensible, but also, a month is so far away!).

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