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  1. How will she ever get Mark Ruffalo’s inside jokes now?

  2. Wait, how do you get $50k in debt at a hotel. The last hotel I stayed at pretty much took my parents as collateral until I settled my bill, and it was only $300. Yiksers.

  3. “She’s lucky the minibar charges were only $3,145.07. I’ve spent double on a pack of peanuts at the DoubleTree!!!” – a bad comedian (a. k. a. me)

  4. Fortunately, she knows a place that will always leave the light on for her.

  5. The good news is she’s still more than welcome at Chateau Marmot

  6. Ok this isn’t that big of a deal. I have seen (read: endured) Somewhere, and I have to say that the Chateau Marmont is a really boring place.

  7. and thus preventing her from pulling a Belushi.

  8. Oh no, now Terry Richardson can’t include her in his photo shoots anymore. Noooo Who will he get to stare directly at the camera while wearing his glasses and giving a thumbs up in her stead?

  9. This is good for me because it will probably cut the car accidents on Sunset by 50% and do wonders for my commute. Now all we have to do is wrangle Amanda Bynes and then I’m home free.

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