You know how you’ll see a show and tell all of your friends it was great, and they’ll watch the next episode and report back to you that you were wrong and they’re never trusting you again and you’re like “But that was just the exact wrong episode!” How I Met Your Mother has kind of been like that recently. But between last week’s top-5-of-all-time episodes, “The Stinsons” and this week’s pretty good episode, “Sorry, Bro,” the show is getting back on track. And now nobody has to take my word for it, because CBS started putting full episodes online.

Here’s a clip from last night’s episode starring Laura Prepon as Ted’s ex girlfriend. You don’t have to know anything about the show to understand and possibly relate to pretentious college phases:

“She’s the heiress to the Massengill Fortune.” I can laugh at pretentious college girls, because in college I named my dog “Nietzsche.” Anyway, if you want a HIMYM entry point, you should start with “The Stinsons.” Full episode here.

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  1. No, no, no, the last two episodes were not good, sir. And Slap Bet will not be unseated as the best.

  2. Lily: “I catch you peepin’ on my man’s junk and you LINGER? You gots to get got.”
    Robin: “The game is the game.”

    TV! It’s all about TV!

  3. Usually we agree on shit – and I haven’t missed an episode since the premiere, but The Stinsons was horrible, last night would have been better if a) Donna dropped the peroxide schtick and b)a better actress had been chosen c) no pants? How miuch writing is Segal doing for it these days?

    This season has been the worst – but it’s still some of the best on TV, so…since I like it so much, I’m surprised it’s still around. Life on Mars and Privileged got the ax, them shits and the Big Bang are about all that I watch (when they air and not days later on the internets because I don’t have ca ble).

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