You can’t always predict what your “thing” is going to be. Like, are you going to be the guy who never has his shoelaces tied, or the guy who can almost always guess what time it is without even looking, or the guy who tells the same story over and over and always has to finish it even if you tell him that you’ve actually heard this story from him before? Maybe! Who knows. Maybe you’ll even be “the handsome guy”! Wouldn’t that be something? You can try to plan it, sure — set out to be the guy who is known to always tell the same story at every party, but then what if a topic that would lead into the story never comes up? Or what if you forget?! Your plan would be ruined, and then what would you be. (The guy with the ruined plan!) (And nobody wants to be that guy.) But then sometimes you’re a guy who can just do one thing so perfectly that there is no way you could or would ever be known as anything else. Sometimes you’re a guy who can make a motorcycle noise with your face on a can.

So perfect. I have never heard a more perfect imitation of a motorcycle done by someone with their mouth on a can in my whole life. You got this thing, guy — and you deserve it. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. A good reminder on why you should always watch the embedded version rather than going to the YouTube mothership:

  2. “I’m just glad he moved on from wanting to show everyone his motorboat impression.” – that guy’s girlfriend

  3. I’m glad this guy has gotten the exact amount of fame that he deserves. Probably not what he wants, but what he deserves.

  4. He’s no Turbo Teen:

  5. Of course it’s RUSSIA!

  6. “You can’t always predict what YOU ARE “thing” is going to be.” I can’t let it go! It helps to proofread on a site that uses as much wordplay as this one. please? This isn’t teen corner.

    • Hold up. I always thought Kelly was human and therefore capable of mistakes, but do you have some inside knowledge that she’s a robot? Because that would put a whole new spin on the Robot Uprising posts.

      • If she was a robot, her mistake would have been self-awareness or something. Honestly, this blog is so specific, when I saw that error, I had to wonder if it was a snarky comment on grammar for a moment. With great cultural analytic power comes basic grammatical responsibility.

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