Wow, we really did it again this week. Another top 10 animal video of the week list FULL of very good animal videos top to bottom, beginning to end, start to finish, 1 to 10. Whew! It’s like every week with this thing, isn’t it? Every week with a bunch of great animal videos? Sometimes I worry that maybe one week won’t be as good, but then it’s always good because it’s always animal videos. I don’t know what else to tell you about the list this week if you’re not intrigued by everything I’ve said already. It’s great! Let’s just go watch them now, I don’t know what else to talk about. Did your pet do something funny this week? Maybe you can think about that briefly before getting to the videos. Ooook. Are you done? Great! Me too. Let’s go.

10. Teleporting Cat Trick

9. Chipmunk Hide And Seek

8. Bat Nap

7. Baby Elephant Takes A Bath

6. Cat And Dog Fight Over Cheeseburger

5. Dog Just Has No Idea

4. Bird Fishes With Bread

3. Spinning Monkey

2. Fussy Bulldog

1. Perfect Koala Goes For A Boat Ride

I WANT TO BE A PERSON WHO PICKS UP A KOALA OUT OF A RIVER SO BAD. I am unbelievably jealous, and unbelievably upset that so much of that video is kind of garbage. Just hold the camera steady and aim it at the koala! Why is it so difficult! JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING! Obviously I also want the fussy bulldog. It’s very unfair that all of these things exist and that I have none of them. The spinning monkey is just fun and full of life and who doesn’t need a little burst of that every now and then, and the bird fishing with bread is just VERY impressive. And the dog on the moving walkway is something that we can all relate to at one point or another. Good job, guys. Congrats. You’re the best.

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  1. Ha ha! Look at that dog, working so hard and getting nowhere. Now, back to sitting in front of my computer, churning out press releases no one will read for the 2580th consecutive day.

  2. See the claws on that koala? The guy who picked him up got a cut on his arm. Wash that cut, guy!

    • But not in that dirty, dirty river water please!

      • Speaking of Australian animals, my little brother was under the impression that the second Twilight novel dealt with werewolves being introduced as a predator for the vampires, a la cane toads being introduced into Australia to keep the cane beetle population down.

        We both agreed that this would have been much better than what the Twilight novels actually are, so far as we’ve heard (neither of us have actually read the damn things).

  3. Noooooooo to that bat video! Maybe I’m biased because of the time I had to get a full course of rabies shots because I woke up with one in my room, but bats are not cute! And I am personally offended that this one seems to share my name :(

  4. Oh man, that puppy is filled with such impotent rage.

    I know the feeling bud. I know the feeling.

  5. Baby Bulldog!!!!!!

  6. I can’t wait to look at this tonight when I’m blacked out from bourbon rage at Paul Ryan.

  7. I for one welcome our future bird overlords.

  8. I don’t think the cat even WANTS the cheeseburger! What a bitch…..

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