Hey, this will be fun! Ok, what you have to do here is think of all the celebrities you can think of and then determine which one of those made the most money in the past year. That’s the game. Ok, you got one? Great. Here’s the answer. Were you right? NO LIARS ALLOWED! #fun #games

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  1. Most of Krispy Kreme’s earnings must have been made in prior years. Either that or Oprah has 401 houses.

  2. Really very glad to see Glenn Beck doing so well for himself.

  3. I was right, but only because I already saw it on the elevator TV (my #1 news source) on my way into work today.

  4. Alas, Steven Segal is excluded yet again.

  5. Also, Oprah, the highest paid celebrity, spent her billions on this fashion decision:

  6. I think the real story is that Michael Bay earned $160 million in the last year. His R/E ratio is off the charts.*

    *R/E ratio is a term I just made up that compares the respect one commands within their profession to the amount they earn from it.

  7. glaring omission? steve-o?

  8. I got it wrong but only because the Oprah is a way of life, not a celebrity.

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