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  1. I’m all for anything that results in LeBron James being launched into space.

  2. “Do you love Space Jam?” is our generation’s “Where do you get your ideas?”

  3. RT @earlboykins You know the best part of that movie? Muggsy Bogues

  4. They wouldn’t even have to do much to the website that is still live on the Warner Bros site even though the movie is 16 years old.

  5. he won’t be able to carry it alone and will need some other great athletes to do much of the heavy lifting.

  6. but then at the end instead of stretching his arm out and dunking he passes to daffy duck and they lose to the monstars and lebron james never comes home ever and we win the end.

  7. RT @michaelphelps: @sspielberg I would love to do Kazaam 2!

  8. Only 9 comments about LeBron James being interested in starring in Space Jam 2? WHAT WORLD ARE WE EVEN LIVING IN ANYMORE?

  9. And then “The Heat Is On” could be the theme song with Chris Bosh playing the saxophone part?

    I’ll show myself out.

  10. Should it be called Space James?

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