A lot of times when I think about, say, owning my own restaurant (I have quite an imagination!) I just see it as this endless drudge of high-stress work where you are constantly juggling a staff of employees that you may or may not trust, the vagaries of a perishable inventory, maintaining customer interest and satisfaction, and the surprise visits of municipal health boards. It just seems really hard! So a lot of times I don’t think about the fun side of that kind of enterprise where you’re just like, hey, you know what? Fuck it, today we’re making ironic donuts based off of that TV show we watched last night. That’s fun! It’s important to love what you do. And then I guess Aaron Paul comes to the store and you are just like OH MY GOD, APPARENTLY MY LIFE IS PERFECT AND MY NAME IS MERYL STREEP AND THIS IS IT’S COMPLICATED, WELCOME TO MY FROUFROU BAKERY STEVE MARTIN. Now caption this photo for the caption contest, bitch.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. We will “say your name.” Get it? Hahaha, GET IT? (Image via LaughingSquid.)

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  1. Clearly Aaron Paul has not heard Kelly’s stance on public proposals yet.

  2. If you are trying to keep the cops away, that’s a pretty bad distribution model.

  3. D’oh, BITCH!

  4. I’ve never watched Breaking Bad (I know, I know), but I’m going to be really disappointed if “Time to make the meth!” isn’t a catchphrase on it.

  5. Spoil ‘yer Dinner Alert!

  6. Oh, I get it. His character likes donuts, right?

  7. Talk about addicting! #dadjokes

  8. Why does it say OOOOOOOOOOOO? Shouldn’t it say KELLY?

  9. I’m only on season 3. I can only assume they eventually decide to go straight and open up a donut shop called Los Donuts Hermanos.

  10. If only there were someone to make a good cup of coffee to go with those donuts:

  11. A still from upcoming episode ‘IAT (I Ate Twelve)’

  12. i heard those donuts are gross because the place has been Baking Bad

  13. Yes, they all have meth, but guess which ones have that other “special” ingredient.

  14. Jesus Christ, Aaron. Do you not get the concept of an assortment?

  15. the box looks a little unwieldy. do you think he needed a boxcutter to open it?

  16. Well, they had to do SOMETHING will all that left over lard!

  17. the gimmick is really killing the business of the brunch place across the street, I am the One Who Lox.

  18. I don’t even know what this is! Hahahahaha. I want sugar.

  19. Damn, those donuts are straight-up Kafkaesque.

  20. If you do the meth, it adds up to zeros

  21. Next week’s opening lines on Breaking Bad:
    Walt to Jesse: “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is you can have Mike’s donut share…”

  22. That really can’t be good for your teeth.

  23. Ricky Hitler doesn’t get one of my fucking meth donuts.

  24. Time to cook the doughnuts.

  25. Mr. White, we’ve got a DOZEN doughnuts! Are we in the yum-yum business, or the money business?

  26. I don’t think he needs more sugar. Or more meth, for that matter.

  27. “A moment on the lips, a lifetime of no teeth.”


  29. yo, i’ve never watched breaking bad (i’m sure it’s great, i sort of want to, but it’s a lot to catch up on. mostly i just wish i knew half as many people who are obsessed with justified than i do who are obsessed with breaking bad, BUT I DIGRESS), but those look incredible. we don’t have nearly enough bright blue foods.

  30. It may be blue, but it’s the bomb. Because it’s a donut. Bitch.

  31. The One Who Nosh(es)

  32. I just picked up some of these donuts on Sunday, and still have one or two left. I just want you all to know THEY ARE DELICIOUS. (and also available as froyo toppings, bitch)

  33. “Holding a box of donuts like that is out of character for him. The writers are lazy.”
    – Some people

  34. Anxiously awaiting the tribute from Waffle House.

  35. We’re making meth cool again guys!

  36. Yo, George Carlin….

  37. Those donuts have nothing on this LA tranny’s nail job (Jeffree Star):

  38. “Shut the fuck up and let me eat in peace” = my last words

  39. Shia Labeouf would be on meth making the donuts and actually smiling, not just ACTING.

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