A series of photos has been making the rounds of the Internet today that feature Tom Hanks and some “passed out” kid at a pizza parlor. Apparently the kid is not actually passed out, he is just pretending to “be drunk.” The story also goes that he “stole Tom Hanks’s glasses,” which I guess is part of the prank. But the main reason people seem to be responding to this is the way in which it shows Tom Hanks’s sense of humor and willing to goof around. That is nice! Personally, I don’t understand what is actually supposed to be happening in the photos. Between the “stealing glasses” and the “pretending to be drunk,” I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m starting to lose much of my cognitive function in my old age (56 this month!) but if I were to see Tom Hanks in a pizza restaurant I wouldn’t do ANY of those things. For one, I wouldn’t pretend to be drunk, I would just be drunk. And I would leave Tom Hanks’s glasses out of it. He needs those to see! And I am an honest man and not a thief! It just seems like having a nice picture of you and Tom Hanks at a restaurant would be enough of a story without some elaborate but kind of disjointed and nonsensical “backstory.” All of that being said, you can totally imagine how thrilled this kid was by his experience, and he’s probably even more thrilled that it’s trending on Reddit or whatever. Good for him! Life is for the living. You just gotta get out there and mix it up. Have fun with it. Use the space. YOMTHAAPRAMHTAPWYO! (Via Uproxx.)

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  1. Before we get into the gif and puns (Those two certainly look like Bosom Buddies!), can we just take a moment, collect ourselves and ask what the fuck happened to that piece of pizza?

    • i think its a crock pot of burnt baked mac n cheese.

    • Is that a pizza? Or is it a torn up croissant in chocolate sauce? Can’t tell my enhance button is apparently broke

    • I seriously have no idea how anyone would come to the conclusion that that was ever pizza.

    • and who eats pizza with a 2 and half foot long spoon ?

    • Apparently this all took place at Stout in Hollywood, a burger/beer joint. No pizza was harmed in the taking of these photos.

    • Okay. Seriously, this is bothering me. Here are some facts I can establish. There is a long spoon. This suggests maybe some sortof milkshake is involved, or maybe a rootbeer float? You can see frothy cup rings on the table, and there is a long straw as well. Maybe that is what was in the odd shaped Coca Cola glass beside them. I also see a small tin of ketchup? This is not typically something that comes with pizza. More likely this is a dinner of somekind. They could still sell pizza, but it’s probably not a Pizzeria.

      Also, are clear on the fact that there are two plates? One is plopped on top of the other one. The brown looks to have the consistency of chocolate pudding maybe. It’s actually buoying the top plate like a mushroom cloud. I would say it’s possibly some sortof dessert, but who orders a rootbeer float AND a chocolate pudding dessert? Not someone as skinny as that fellow bowing to it in the picture.

      I’m with Bigbabyjesus with the croissant theory, but it just doesn’t add up at all. Nothing makes sense. Tom Hanks is the least confusing thing about this picture. My brain hasn’t even made it to Tom yet.

      • Okay, I looked at the other photos and have three theories:

        1. The pizza in question is a non-traditional foccia-type not sauce pizza and we might be dealing with risen bread, cheese and either a sundried tomato or cluster of meat toppings, possibly pepperoni? The multiple utensils could imply it was an appetizer of sorts.

        2. This is a messed up calzone?

        3. People were tired of eating and piled a bunch of garbage on a plate at the end of the meal.

      • I looked at this restaurant’s menu online, and it seems they offer “gourmet bread pudding” as a dessert. Could it be that? It seems like an amorphous enough dish.

    • I’m late to this party, but it doesn’t look like two plates on top of each other buoyed up by chocolate pudding to me, it looks like a deep dish, perhaps some sort of large soup bowl, with a brown bottom on top of a regular plate. Inside of that bowl is some kind of pie- or cake-like dessert.

  2. Oh man, these two are in A League of Their Own when it comes to photo posing.

  3. out at all hours of the night pulling pranks with a bunch of drunk kids? i think we now know why Chet turned out the way he did.

  4. YOMTHAAPRAMHTAPWYO: either You Only Meet Tom Hanks At A Pizza Restaraunt And Make Him Take A Picture WIth You Once, or You Outrageous Muppet, Tonight Harpo And A Principled Racoon Admit Making Horticultural Tomfoolery Amidst Panic With Your Ocelot

  5. Oh boy, I’ll bet celebrities everywhere are having really great days today.

  6. “Kid, you’ve been Hanks’d.” – The King of Pranks

  7. my mom’s friend is a private plane pilot out west. has flown a lot of famous people around. when she asked who’s cool, who isn’t, etc. he said hands down Tom Hanks was the biggest jerk ever.

  8. In Europe, children frolic with marmots. In America, children steal things from celebrities and pretend to be drunk.

    What I’m saying is… I want to be friends with marmots.

  9. I didn’t understand this either. I feel like it was one of those 5 sec twitter pics you look at and either go “what?” “who cares” or “cool” or some combination therein, but don’t spend anymore time on it and assume that Tom Hanks met a fan and took a pic with him and then you start wondering what things get traction and why (viral-ness) because you have a picture with a celebrity, but it’s not really about you playing a prank on one, but why would you play a prank on one – wait is that chet haze? See I spent more than 5 seconds thinking about it so that blows my whole theory – thanks Gabe.

  10. I like this picture because it’s an excuse for this gif to pop up again:

  11. This entire story about Tom Hanks, and glasses, and pizza, and a fan… it’s all just one big Gordian Knot of non sequiturs!

  12. More like Tom Pranks, amirite??

    C’mon guys, let’s get with the program.

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