The heck with Garfield, that dumb punk. What does he know? Sometimes Mondays are great. Case in point, this Monday. First thing in the morning Krispy Kreme video? Looks like someone cat died and went to lasagna heaven. Krispy Kreme (as John Cena)! Money Maker Mike (as Rey Mysterio)! ACK! Put your dukes up, rest of the week!

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  1. I’ve been away from the internet for the most part since Tuesday. This is a wonderful way to come back. Never change, internet.

  2. I’m beginning to think that this James character is quite the rapscallion.

  3. Sometimes I like to fantasize that Krispy Kreme ALWAYS speaks in this sing-songy rap style. I also like to pretend we are best friends, which we would be if he knew me and I knew him. I would definitely commit to learining this fighting style and endearing myself to Mike. If we were all like Krispy Kreme, we would all be playground fighting champions.

  4. Cathy ain’t got NOTHIN on these donuts! Haha. ACK!

  5. You know that feeling when you’re about to bite into a donut, and it’s not your favorite kind of donut, but it’s a pretty good donut, and anyway it was the last one left in the coffee room and it’s either this or no donut, and basically you’ve resigned yourself to a pretty mediocre donut experience? But and then you look again, and it turns out you were mistaken, it’s not a donut after all, it’s a flamethrower that shoots $1000 dollar bills?

    This was kind of like that.

    • Like it’s awesome and you’re getting thousands of dollars and that money’s also cool looking flowing into the air like confetti, or like you see all these $1,000 bills shooting out, but the flamethrower’s also still throwing flames and burning all the money right in front of you as if you’re in some terrible futility dream?

  6. Either one of those scenarios is fucking awesome when it’s first thing on a Monday morning.

  7. I love how this is Moneymaker Mike’s most expressive video, even though he is wearing a wrestling mask the whole time.

  8. moneymaker mikes braces. moneymaker mikes braces.

  9. I think I speak for everyone when I say “FUCK JAMES!”

  10. once i get this on mp3 it’s going to replace “Jesus Walks” on my workout mix.

  11. I love when Krispy Kreme (ugh, that sentence) casually looks away from the camera while he’s rapping, as if oblivious to its presence. I’m not really sure how to explain where I find humour in that, but I do every time.

  12. I heart Krispy Kreme so much. His rap music puts a smile on my face.

  13. The increasing amount of wrestling merch they’re wearing each video is probably my favorite part of these videos. Mike in a Rey Mysterio mask nearly made me spit out my drink. And Krispy Kreme is basically just John Cena cosplaying at this point.

  14. Though I do appreciate Krispy Kreme defining best for me, I still feel the need to suggest that regardless of how tough he is, he shouldn’t shoulder-charge into a hug after having been shot twice in the shoulder.

  15. get these kids to a hospital! also mac miller shirt again! AND classes over that mask is perfect.

  16. Robbie Teardrop  |   Posted on Aug 28th, 2012 +1

    I want to be the creme in their vanilla oreo. i said it.

  17. I wish there could be a Videogum Every Monday Morning Is Krispy Kreme Morning Promise.

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