Man, isn’t it so hard to just meet people these days? Tell me about it! It’s like you got your online dating web sites and you’re offline dating websites and your hookups and your bar trivia nights and your cellphones and your texting and your “what should I wear?” and your “I don’t know, what your wearing is fine,” and your “are you sure?” and your “I guess?” and your “that’s not very assuring,” and your “well, what do you want me to say?” and your “just say something nice!” and blah blah blah, but what if you’re ready to just settle down and get married to someone? ANYONE? Well, an art installation at the National Art Museum of Ukraine wants to solve your problem! Maybe! In this real-life Sleeping Beauty art installation, museum-goes who wish to participate are bound by a contract to marry the museum-goer who manages to open the eyes of the participating Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. Easy as pie!

I don’t know art, but I know that I like to see people participating in a real life Sleeping Beauty art installation at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, especially because of that nerd at the end. I do know that. (Via Gawker.)

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  1. Nobody tell Julian Assange about this.

  2. Oh no! His little “oh well, back to the drawing board” sigh at the end! Too much!

  3. This art piece needs more dragons, as do all art pieces

  4. Do not let multiple strangers at art exhibits in the Ukraine kiss you. THAT IS HOW GERMS ARE SPREAD.

  5. Pretty much how I met my Russian Bride except I kissed her after I filled out all my credit card information. Still waiting for you to open your eyes, honeypie!!

  6. Highlights of the video:
    1. the bizarre circling of the sleeping beauty in front of a crowd taking pictures to see if you like her “essence”
    2. the pounds and pounds and pounds of caked-on purple and pink make up
    3. the unnecessary close up of her boobs
    4. an adult human saying she’ll be able to tell if it’s her “true love” by his kiss
    5. the incredibly sad rejection of the little guy in the blazer at the end

    Missing from the video:
    1. nobody talking about what if she gets mouth herpes??
    2. no reaction shots of her opening her eyes to find he is ugly, poor, and wearing mismatched socks.

  7. “It’s a sad story, how your father and I met…”

  8. This is actually kind of terrifying in light of the original telling of sleeping beauty.

  9. Kelly, YOU’RE amazing, and even though there are significant amounts of “your” and you’re” in this post, you use it incorrectly twice, and it’s driving me insane. That is all.

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