Star Magazine reported this week that Gwyneth is opening a Spanish-themed restaurant in LA with Mario Batali, but her “rep” denied it. So, whatever. NOM NOM NOM or NOT NOT NOT. Ahhhhahahahahaha. We did it!

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  1. But will I have to dress up to eat there,or is a $90 white t-shirt acceptable attire?

  2. “Excuse me, waiter, what’s this GOOP on my chicken?”

  3. She was originally going to open the restaurant in New York but she knows Gabe’s been in LA more recently

  4. Gwyneth is just like the rest of us and our reps.

  5. Hopefully she’ll blog about this.

  6. Oh good, I hope they’ll serve tapas. You know, tapas? Those tiny dishes of food that are barely enough to split between two people, much less 3 or 4, and so you have to order several of them but they all cost over $10 each and then it’s like $40 per person later and you’re like I haven’t even factored in the cost of drinks etc. etc. Fuck tapas.

  7. Now we know why Gabe is moving to LA!!!


  9. My opportunity to POOP on something of Gwyneth’s is finally here!

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