This “Star Wars Call Me Maybe” video has been online for a whole month, and it has more than 6 million views, and yet somehow, the implosive black hole that we all would have assumed this video would instantly create, dragging everyone and everything into a crushing pop-culture-mash-up singularity from which no light or joy or original ideas can escape, hasn’t happened. You can watch two seconds of this terrible video, throw your computer against the wall, go eat some oatmeal for breakfast even though it’s a little bit gross in this heat but you have the oatmeal and you really need to finish the oatmeal so oatmeal it is, and nothing happens. And at this point it seems fairly safe to say that it won’t, at least not from this video. We still have to be wary of the Super Mario Bros Hunger Games Cast Of Community 8-Bit Karaoke YouTube Wedding Proposal, but for now it appears that the Internet is much more safe and secure than previously believed. Phew.

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  1. Every time I see Jabba the Hut, I think his nostrils are a mustache. I think the Star Wars franchise, overall, would be that much better if Jabba had a mustache.

  2. Needs more cats uttering malapropisms.

  3. Finally, something more creatively bankrupt than Episode I.

  4. I think the black hole will be created by the inevitable supercut of supercuts

  5. I hadn’t seen this. And THAT is crazy.

  6. Just add some cold fresh fruit and milk to that oatmeal and it will be fine.

  7. I am obligated to post this whenever “call me maybe” is mentioned.


  8. my thursday night class is on the same floor as some of the administrators’ offices. last night while stepping out from lecture to go down to the kitchen, all 20 people in my class walked pass one office with a 40-ish year old man in bike shorts putting in contact lenses while dancing to “Call Me Maybe.” he was not phased by it in the least.

    this song just moves people.

  9. I DID throw my computer against a wall! Then I clapped my hands (clap-clap, like that) and said, “Butler, bring me a new computer, with haste!” and that’s how I’m able to comment so quickly after smashing my computer. Because I have a butler with spare computers handy. His name is Butler.

  10. I wonder what a remake of the original trilogy would look like now. They’d cast Zach Efron as Luke and Selena Gomez as Leia and the circle would be complete and I’d be forced to kill myself.

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