Hey ladies! How are you? Not so good, right? Tell me about it. It has been a difficult week to be a woman. Kind of like you keep waking up to the same weird old-timey Twilight Zone nightmare and you’re just thinking, like, when is this episode going to end? When are we going to find out that we’re all in a dollhouse? When are we going to find out that we’re actually travelling TO Earth? I mean, let’s not even get into it right now. We don’t need that in our safe space here. But just to scratch the surface a bit, you know, since we’re all here, it’s like first of all…Shia LaBeouf is going to be having real sex in basically a horror porn movie and WE AREN’T EVEN CAST IN THAT MOVIE? What the hell?! Sooooo difficult to be a girl and hear that news this week. And second of all, Leonardo DiCaprio recently invited Robert Pattinson on a “boys getaway.” You know? I mean that’s totally fine, absolutely, but way to kick a girl when she was already down about the Shia LaBeouf news! Annnnnnnd really just those two things I guess. Everything else is pretty much fine. But being a woman often means standing up to shit you don’t want to have to deal with (like not having horror Lars Von Trier sex with Shia LaBeouf) (haha) (I am very sorry!), and handling it with grace. Like when you’re a meteorologist and the anchorman asks you if you want to canoodle on live TV.

“WHAT?” Hahaha. Very good reaction. Good job, lady. Do not canoodle with that guy, he seems like a dummy! (Via Mediaite.)

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  1. Holy hopefully -inadvertent sexual harassment, Batman!

  2. Something tells me there’s a cold front coming in that studio.

  3. OK. I can excuse the canoodle comment, but he must have known what he was saying when he said he was “going to enjoy that dry hump later in the week “after she finished her forecast,

  4. She looks like someone I’d like to canoodle with. What’s that? Oh, I’m sorry, I thought canoodle meant have a really inappropriate sexual relationship. My bad.

  5. Hahaha “Take me off camera.” Poor guy. Handled it with grace, though.

  6. Frankly, I don’t understand why we’re discussing anything at all, when we should all be basking in the beauty that is today’s Curtis:

  7. i was at a really important meeting this morning filled with lots of fancy people, and one of my board members, who i love dearly and who is a great man, asked me why i hadn’t gotten married yet. obvi not the same thing, but also pretty embarrassing.

    • Oof. Did you sat it’s because of the vagina dentata? I always say it’s because of the vagina dentata.

      • i probably should’ve said it was because he hadn’t asked me yet, cuz dude is crazy rich. he lives right down the street from the mansion they shot the second real world: new orleans in. ladies always need to be getting that money, right?

    • Is it slightly inappropriate workplace story time? I had a boss who would ALWAYS play with my hair when he came to my desk to talk to me about anything. I don’t think it was sexual, and in his defence I have really spectacularly beautiful hair, but still bizarre and a bit awkward.

    • I had a boss who would call me into his office to talk about the hot women who worked out at his gym and how incredibly talented and beautiful Amanda Bynes was. He was also incredibly bad at his job. I tried to file a complaint but was told “that’s just how things are with whateverhisnamewas” I couldn’t watch the UK Office for YEARS because Gervais’ character reminded me of him so very, very much.

      Is our moon colony ready yet?

    • My boss did that to me once. He asked what I was doing that evening, like as people were leaving a meeting, and I said, “watching TV,” and he yelled, “You’re not married, don’t stay home and watch TV! Get out there!” Well, you know, my boyfriend will be home watching TV, but I guess cheating on him is probably a great idea so great! I’ll go out and meet some new dudes or whatever.

      He also like to quote Jeff Dunham a lot.

    • Canoodling > Marriage

  8. i like his ‘oh dear, what did i just say…’ hand clasp

  9. well it can be said that his request was by no means legitimate.

  10. ha ha jokes but seriously does anyone want to canoodle? i’ll show you my noodle. noodle for canoodle? anybody?

  11. Did she really have to make a categorical point that there will be no canoodling? Like she was being accosted by some terrible creep in a bar. It’s just a silly TV pretty boy dazzled by a fun sounding word.

  12. I keep seeing this thing about Shia LeBoof having real sex in this whatever movie, but what I haven’t seen is any confirmation that he’s cleared it with the lady actress who will also have to be involved in the real sex. Seriously, has he consulted her on this?

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