Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while to make sure there aren’t any dads dancing so much while they’re sitting down nearby, you could miss it. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Best way to watch this: just stare at the kid and feel how much he hates his life right now.

  2. No way. Black Socks and shorts? That Fanny Pack??

    This kid definitely is being punished for something really bad. Like his dad caught him robbing a convenience store.

  3. Man, I’m so glad my kid is still too young to be embarassed by my dancing.

  4. why is he playing air accordeon ? I don’t hear accordeon, so why ? WHY ?

    • Unrelated: I was once on the metro in Rome, and a guy was playing the accordion. This being December, he was playing Christmas songs, and encouraging the children to sing along. In case you’ve never experienced hell, it is a subway performer playing Christmas songs on an accordion while children sing along.

  5. I think he’s actually so uncool he’s cool. He just doesn’t even care. And I like that.

  6. Weird how they got my dream out of my head.

  7. Aw, sometimes dads just gotta dance.

  8. are we sure that isn’t just some hipster babysitter?

  9. Great I’m gonna need 45 gifs of this video, stat.

  10. This guy approves:

  11. DADRUDE – DADSTORMMMMMMMMM (Da da da da DAD! DAD! Da da da da DAD!)

  12. Seriously. I can’t wait to be a dad…

  13. I have never been able to describe to people how I dance at red lights when I’m alone in the car. Thank you Videogum, thank you.

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