It has been about a year since Regis Philbin retired from Live! and I just don’t know how we’ve even made it to this point without crumbling from the stress of not knowing which sports celebrity or normal celebrity was going to replace him. “Couldn’t Anderson Cooper just do it?” we cried. “What about the mean tennis player?” “Where’s her husband? Can’t her husband do it?” “JUST GIVE US A NAME!” But today (yesterday), fucking finally, pardon the language, Kelly’s cohost has been announced. From Broadcasting & Cable:

BC is expected to announce in early September that Michael Strahan will take over as the cohost of Live! alongside Kelly Ripa, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

Even when he assumes the new role, Strahan is expected to remain in his role with Fox NFL Sunday, as first reported by Joe Flint in the Los Angeles Times. The long-running ABC franchise originates weekdays from New York, while Fox’s popular NFL studio programming is in Los Angeles.

Strahan, a former defensive star in the NFL, was also the star of a (brief) sitcom for Fox, Brothers.

The ABC morning show has been without a permanent sidekick for Ripa since Philbin left the show in late 2011. It has used a constant flow of guest hosts — including Strahan and other finalists for the permanent job, like Seth Meyers — since then.

Perfect. Michael Strahan — a name and face that we definitely recognize as being from sports. Our waiting game nightmare is over! Now we can spend time getting to know Michael Strahan, who is maybe feeling a little stressed himself right now because it’s probably difficult — I mean, who knows, but I’d guess that it’s probably difficult — to walk into an already known and beloved franchise as a new person and be like, you know, “Hello, nice to meet you, I’m going to be in your face every day and I’m going to do my best, but you might not like me? But I hope you do! I am Michael Strahan, from sports.” So best of luck to that guy! But for now what I would like to know is: How do you feel about Michael Strahan being named as Kelly Ripa’s cohost on your favorite morning television show Live! ?

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  1. I don’t know sports. Who is this guy? He is a strahanger to me.

  2. So, Michael Strahan has been named the cohost of Live! Did you hear this? Did you hear about this? When asked about working with Kelly Ripa he responded, “It’s great. I predict the two of us will be closer than the left and right side of my teeth.” —Lay Jeno

    • “Speaking of football, The Jets announced that they’re installing a Tim Tebow package, which is good because now some footballs will land IN New York” -Also, Jay Leno

  3. I was pulling for Randy Russell

  4. When I read Michael Strahan I thought it was Jason Statham and got interested for a second. That would be a show.

  5. I was pulling for a parallel universe in which Kelly Ripa would co-host alongside another Kelly Ripa, making the show Live! with Kelly and Kelly. In this scenario, each morning, Kelly would annoy her doppelganger with chipperness to the point that, one day, Kelly would begin feasting on Kelly, thereby ending the show’s run so it could be replaced with a gif of a cat failing to leap onto a bed.

    I know, it was a long shot, but still.

  6. “We all know Favre was 1st choice but he stepped down to give Strahan a clear shot.” -Byron Allen

  7. I still think it would’ve been hilarious to make Kathie Lee the co-host. Can you imagine the amazing mess of passive-aggressive bitterness and day drinking that would have ensued? A real missed opportunity, Gelman.

    • I don’t have to imagine it…I can watch it on the 4th hour of the Today Show

      • Yes, but combine that with all the years of anger and bitterness about the fact that she was not much missed and never invited back to Live! and that a lot of people (maybe?) liked Kelly better, and it would be an even more delicious souffle of awful.

  8. I’m sorry, Ms. Ripa, you misspelled Pat Kiernan.

  9. people care about this stuff?

  10. I’ll add this to the list of things Topher Grace is not up to.

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