Still not convinced that you should hire Diamond Dave Hosley for your next event in the Bay Area? Maybe you should read some testimonials about how great it was having Diamond Dave Hosley perform at their wedding! None of the guests at any wedding can ever stop talking about him. (I am just kidding. I know that everyone was already convinced that they should hire Diamond Dave Hosley for their next event in the Bay Area and also that many people are now considering moving to the Bay Area so that they can make regular visits to Petar’s in Lafayette to see him perform. It’s also so obvious that none of the guests from any of the weddings will ever stop talking about him. Would you?!) Diamond Dave Hosley! The world’s best 55-year-old karaoke emcee DJ no diggity no doubt! (Thanks for the tip, Brian and Paul.)

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  1. 55 and ALIVE!

  2. Jokes on him. I live in the Midwest AND I never do any parting or party-like events. Your move, Diamond Dave.

  3. Moves like Jagger. Voice like John C Reilly.

  4. I just don’t feel like he’s fully committing to the songs, just because you wear funny sunglasses doesn’t mean you can mumble ‘Bad Romance’ and get away with it .

  5. And now every time Walter dons the Heisenberg hat, I’ll picture him singing Baby Got Back. Thanks for that.

  6. When you’ve got the endorsement of Kevin’s frat-tastic friends and his wife’s grandmother, you’ve pretty much made it.

  7. I think the possibly racist impression of Louis Armstrong is my favorite part.

    • A white guy impersonating Louis Armstrong is like sonic blackface. What if you’re a white guy who’s vocal cords were damaged so that you can’t help but sound like Louis Armstrong? Then you don’t sing.

  8. Why use an iPod when you can hire someone to do what an iPod can – poorly?

  9. Sure, he doesn’t have the best voice, but he definitely has charisma. He looks like he’s having a blast too… good for him. I wish I loved my job as much as he loves his.

  10. I really don’t want to know about this man’s “Anaconda”.

  11. still cooler than my grandpa… he still calls my husband “my live in male roommate.” oh grandpa… if you only knew how much he “lived in.”

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