Hey, check out this awful bullshit Russel Brand did.* From The Sun:

SEX-MAD comic Russell Brand was told off by Billy Connolly after he refused to start filming until a wardrobe girl flashed her boobs at him. His cheeky demand delayed shooting on the first day for two hours, so the assistant eventually gave in for the sake of the schedule.

Randy Russell, 37, who’s had a stint in sex rehab, was filming Eric Idle’s musical What About Dick? in LA with fellow comedians Billy, 69, and Eddie Izzard, 50. A source said: “It was just a bit of fun.” But Billy failed to see the funny side. The source added: “Billy got annoyed when he found out and and gave Russell a stern ticking off.”

Russell caused chaos when he pulled the stunt in his dressing room.

The source recalled: “Russell tried to persuade a wardrobe assistant to show him her breasts but she was having none of it — at first. “But when it started to look like they weren’t going to get any work done she gave in and flashed him. Russell is a charming scoundrel and everybody let him get away with murder on set — except Billy.

“But after their heart-to-heart he settled down and gave a great performance and filmed the scenes like a consummate professional.”

I, for one, am just so glad that Russel Brand could put this moment of stunningly inappropriate and embarrassing treatment of someone in a much lower position than his on set behind him and give a great performance in What About Dick? His cheeky abuse of power and charming sexual harassment just come hand-in-hand with the classic Russel Brand performances we’ve all come to enjoy — we let him get away with it because it’s worth it! And it’s always just a bit of fun. That’s just Russell. It only takes one heart-to-heart from Billy Connolly, who was “annoyed,” to settle him down, but do we even want that? RILE THIS GUY UP! Put the sight of every on-set female’s boobs in his contract! Never don’t put him in your movie and never take him out of your movie after he allegedly refuses to do his job until his sexual harassment of a coworker reaches completion! Amend the constitution to say that everyone has to have one of his babies! More of this asshole! More and more and more!

*This is from The Sun (and the Internet, at that), so there is of course the chance that it is not completely true. Though I think we can all agree that any amount of truth to be found in this is horrendous? There is a grey area for sure, but the grey area is definitely still surrounded by Russell Brand. So.
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  1. Legitimate dickholery.

  2. I love you, Kelly.

  3. Don’t worry, guys. Once Russell is able to satisfy his totally natural manly desires, he performs like a consummate professional. He’s not a monster.

  4. Imagine for a second this really happened.

    Now imagine it was a doctor doing it to a nurse, or a lawyer to a paralegal.

    Just a bit of fun.

    He should have been put on the no fly list after remaking “Arthur.”

    • What’s horrible about this is, just like you said: imagine this were any other work-related setting; movie stars still work in a work-related setting, they should be charged with the same sexual harassment charges as any other employed person in anywhere.

  5. “Randy Russell, 37, who’s had a stint in sex rehab, was filming Eric Idle’s musical What About Dick? in LA with fellow comedians Billy, 69, and Eddie Izzard, 50.”

    Cool sentence. It is completely intelligible and not confusing at all.

  6. “I won’t work until you show me your boobs!”
    “Haha no way! Wait, what? Seriously?”
    “Yeah, show me your boobs.”
    “no. let’s get to work.”
    …2 hours later…while everyone else in the entire cast and crew just sat there…
    “okay here, geez. now can we get to work?”

  7. Brand actually comes off as quite the hero in the article about this in Boob Aficianado Magazine.

  8. This has been a banner week for misogyny news. Was there a memo I missed? Was I supposed to be putting bitches in their place the last two days?

    • It truly is The Bing Summer of Dong

    • I’ve been too busy eating hot cheetos and takis

    • Actually, it was a typo. We were supposed to be putting britches in their place for the past two days. Now, women everywhere are upset and the Milliners at Colonial Williamsburg is still a complete mess.

      • I had a friend that worked at Colonial Williamsburg after college and she would send me emails about how she had a crush on the blacksmith’s apprentice. This is a real thing that actually happened to me.

        • I am totally on board with this friend. I don’t know any blacksmiths, because that is not a job that people have in Montreal in 2012 (someone please prove me wrong), but sweaty burly men banging pieces of iron into shapes at forges all day sound just about perfect to me.

          • I didn’t even think about that. Hell yeah I am on board too. (He looks like a young Clive Owen in my mind.) LORD YES I AM ON BOARD. We will need blacksmiths on our moon colony. Who else will forge the distillery for our gin? Not blacksmiths? Ha! Feminists need their gin.

            I just thought it was funny that I was getting emails about the dalliances of a milkmaid and a blacksmith that were real people. Real people with email.

            Your idea is so much more entertaining… in a gross men are objects I’m a lady Russell Brand going to jail kind of way.

          • I’m sorry imaginary moon colony blacksmith Clive Owen. You are not an object. You are a real man with real feelings and hopes and dreams. Feminist dreams of a moon colony with gin… Oh dammit I did it again.

          • Not the same at all, don’t lump yourself in with him! If the wardrobe girl was topless as part of her job and he quietly appreciated it while going about his business, that would have been fine. Likewise if a man happens to be swingin giant hammers with his sweaty, bulging arms and I’m churning butter nearby… A girl has the right to notice, is all I’m saying.

  9. Why do people feel the need to demean other folks needlessly?

    While you are contemplating this, please enjoy this picture of young Russell Brand:

  10. Goodbye y’all. I’ve gotta go set my hair on fire.

    • It’s funny in it’s own right, this comment, but then funny again because it looks like Russell Brand recently set his hair on fire.

  11. This guy is worse than The Dark Tower

  12. It sure didn’t take long for him to erase all of the good will he built up in my mind from his WTF episode.

  13. I imagine getting a talking to from Billy Connolly could be quite frightening. Of course, the main image I have of Billy Connolly is from Boondock Saints (woof), so…

    • I see Billy in full Il Duce regalia– Hat, glasses, full beard, black trench coat, black vest with six silver revolvers holstered to it, cigar clenched in his teeth– sitting straight-backed in a canvas director’s chair–booted feet resting on the foot rest, his forearms rested on his thighs with his fingertips pressed together– looking sternly at Russell and grumbling in a thick brogue no one can understand before pistol-whipping Russel in the teeth face and storming off the set.


  15. On the plus side, it’s nice to see Eric Idle getting work hot off the Olympics closing ceremony.

  16. Assuming this happened, where were the producers when this went down and why does this buffoon still have a job? Kristen Stewart is practically blacklisted for making out with a married guy but Russell Brand still has a job after sexually harassing a member of the crew on the fucking set? Grrrrrrr!!

  17. On the plus side, for someone only vaguely familiar with Brand but who loathes him, this person could now have a legitimate reason to share when meeting someone who likes or is at least willing to defend him.

    This person may or may not be me.

  18. Somebody needs to pull a Cathy Smith on this guy soon.

  19. I’ve been saying this for years… Russell Brand is the devil and should be set on fire. I don’t find him funny and anyone with that much hair should be ridiculed. also, anyone who can be around Katy Perry and not tell her her music sucks to her face is an asshole. * please note that anytime Russell Brand or Katy Perry is mentioned i leave the room, my husband thinks it’s funny, but absolutely find those two people disgusting and i don’t know why.

  20. This just reaffirms my long-held suspicion that he is an awful piece of crap. The hair and the eyeliner were always a dead giveaway.

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