Can someone please make a “deal with it GIF” style app where instead of a bit-mapped pair of sunglasses descending onto a Mr. Cool Face and then the words “Deal With It” appearing over an image, when you run the app on a video or a news clip, everyone involved and everyone watching is just slowly carted off to prison for their crimes? Thanks. Thanks for making that app for me. I appreciate all of your hard work! (Thanks for the tip, @AustinDingus.)

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  1. well, now we know why a lot of southern baptist churches ban dancing.

  2. I made it :22 in before I was arrested! Beat that. Also, can someone post bail? Maybe call an attorney? Mail a shiv? Thanks!

  3. I do not like Bill Nye’s new moustache

  4. I wish I had a way to shut this whole thing down.

  5. The bows in those little girls’ hair is fucking ridiculous.

  6. There exists no gif that can adequately express my horror-face.

  7. The internet has ways to shut this whole thing down. I hope.

  8. The credits at the beginning make it look like “found footage” from a horror movie which is kind of cool because it probably is.

  9. ” and i thought Nickleback rocked !” – Jason Alexandre

  10. Not a gif, but…

  11. why the long face, Jim Pollard’s wife?

  12. Pretty sure I sat behind these two at a Grateful Dead concert at the Nassau Coliseum. His hand hardly left her ass the whole time.

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  16. This is honestly the worst thing I’ve ever seen and I watched all of “Jack and Jill”

  17. Nice! No matter what he did, the video is great and we put it on!

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