If the Internet was the Arc of the Covenant from Indiana Jones (it’s not, but if it was) then this compilation of Ultimate Trampoline FAILS would be the cleansing fire light that melts the Nazi faces off. This is just too pure! You cannot look straight into this. Shield your eyes. SHIELD YOUR EYES!

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  1. Never before has having my face melt off been so worth it.

  2. Nothing makes the concerned adult in me more anxious than trampolines.

  3. I think even Jesus enjoys a trampoline fail video.

  4. So many trampoline accidents and still not a single robot related trampoline accident. Maybe some day.

  5. There but for the grace of God, common sense, and lack of a trampoline, go I.

  6. When does someone think jumping from a roof on to a trampoline will be a good idea, ever? Aside from being intoxicated…

  7. Trampoline accidents and swimming pool accidents are two great tastes that taste great together.

  8. The horny dog at the end. No one expects there to be a horny dog at the end of the ride.

    Also, morons in their backyard doing dangerous stunts? Funny.
    Student athletes working on routines because someone decided trampolines and gymnastics would be a good combination? Not as funny.

  9. Trampolines were invented by chiropractors. If I ever fall off a trampoline I hope that song is playing.

  10. How are these “fails?” This video is the very essence of trampolining.

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